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DIY Halloween Project: Ghost Candle Shade

Halloween accessories will be a competitive business in October. It is because many people need that to make dramatic and spooky ambience for their Halloween. You are able to take the chance to run your business. You can buy Halloween decoration off course, but it’s not impressive for a yearly moment. For the ideas what you should create for that, you can little peep Do It Yourself projects. There are many things that you can make for the business there. One of the unique decorations that do not have to spend your much energy, money, and time is ghost...

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Race Car Home Bar Concepts by Zaha Hadid

One more piece of artwork by famous architect Zaha Hadid. Home bar design ideas with advanced future sports car concept has won numerous awards of new architect concepts category. Look fancy but still elegant with a curve in few parts enhanced with crystal light panels. Beer bottles placed in special cooling holes designed on the front. When viewed closely, this home bar concept instead like an alien starship. Shiny silver color design that is very typical for an alien figures in several fiction films. The bar is made with metal covered with silver-colored skin. Suitable for decoration in modern...

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Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Looking for Valentine’s day gift ideas becomes special preparation for women or men who want to give a happiness to their beloved. It is because Valentine is a special moment for any couple to represent their love and do any romantic activity with their beloved. From young people to adult always wait for this love day every year, of course it will be special moment for people who are falling in love and have special person in their mind. Romantic gift are various, there are some creative gift ideas and there are also commonly gift ideas which usually given...

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Modern Apartment Interior Design Ideas by Z-A Studio

Modern apartment interior is one of the favorite apartment layout today. Besides it has comfortable and sophisticated shape of the apartment, it is also create different experience in enjoying the whole of the design itself. Numerous choices of apartment style and design commonly influence the rent cost with much outcome in a year to enjoy its luxury. Commonly modern apartments only offer a modern touch on the interior decoration. But today there is a modern apartment concepts which offers modern touch on the entire part of it. Glass wall idea is installed on some wall part of each room...

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Ridged Roof Dining Table for Extreme Sky Dining

Have you ever felt a special situation where you get exited to do sky dining on the ridged roof? Well, you always think that sky dining only can be done in special location such as sky dining restaurant in a hotel. Well, actually this special moment can be created anywhere including at home and on the roof may be. So why don’t you try to create your own extreme spot at home on the rooftop? The thing that you should know related to this home sky dining is its extreme location for special moment creation. Ridged roof dining table...

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