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Under Stair Closet Storage Design Ideas

Under stair closet storage are smart solution for optimizing the free spot under stairs as useful place for saving any cloths. Small houses with two floors are commonly use simple stairs which is applied closer to the wall. It makes the house looks wider and do not spend much space only for a stairs. This kind of stairs usually remains some free spot under it. The free spot under the stairs usually large but not large enough, so that people usually only let it free. Tips for short stairs Actually, there are many ideas to optimize under stairs space...

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Room Divider Ideas for a Small Studio Apartment

Creating room divider for a small studio apartment is not hard. Any furniture such as shelves, curtain or potted plants are smart solution to make a private place in your studio apartment. Numerous kinds of appliances or tools can be used to make room dividers. Besides it will help you to separate a room to others, this creative room divider ideas will useful to give beautiful accent to your apartment decor. Simple divider with curtain Curtain is one of the simple tools which can be used as room divider for a small studio apartment. Besides it is easy to...

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Unique Compact Kitchen Design Ideas

Various kinds of compact kitchen can be found in different size, color, shape, and appliances combination in it. Some current compact kitchen offers some appliances in a place such as: stove, faucet, refrigerator, food cabinet, plate cabinet, gas cabinet, microwave, oven, etc. The other compact kitchens only provide work place to make drink with cabinets in it to store the drink materials and appliance such as: blender, teapot, and other tools. Currently, there are many compact kitchen designs with unusual shape also color which has been created to help the customers who need this kind of compact kitchen for...

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What is a Studio Apartment?

What is a studio apartment? This question is commonly heard by people who really need an apartment; especially for single man or woman who wants to live alone in their own or rented apartment. Studio apartment is an apartment without walls which separate a room to other room. The only room which has walls and a door is bathroom. This apartment is usually selected by a single man or woman who does not want to share their living cost with their roommates. Studio apartment has enough space which is divided into four rooms namely: bedroom, living room, kitchen, and...

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Japanese Garden Ornaments and Accessories You Must Have

When you are looking for a unique idea for your garden, maybe the Japanese garden is one that is attracting your attention. The best thing about Asian style is you don’t have even need a spacious home yard to build it. Some of you might be starting to wonder about where you should go to find a professional landscape designer to help you designing and building the Japanese garden for your home back yard. However, though you have found a professional, still you should get involved from the very first step up to the final settlement. Moreover, the best...

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