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White Whale for Wall Accessory Ideas

Owning a house complete with furniture, appliance, and even a car to fill the garage seems to be your pride as head of household. Everybody who has a house must want to decorate their house as cool as possible. This action is kind of treatment to keep the house cheerful and energizing for the owners. There are many home interior and exterior decor ideas which typically chosen depends on the budget and current trend. Wall and flooring idea, furniture design, and accessory style look perfect to complete this home decorating project such as white whale for wall accessory idea....

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Funny Pocket Knife with Animal Blades

By looking at the picture of this funny pocket knife with animal blades, don’t ever think that it is a toy for kids. That is absolutely not. ¬†Even though the pocket knife has a cute shape, it does not mean that this stuff is created for kids. You should make your kids so stay away from this knife. It is strongly stated that this knife is really dangerous. The blades are still sharp and harmful. David Suhami is a designer who is sitting on the bench behind the innovatively sharpness of the knife. In creating an animal shaped knife,...

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Marble Domination to Construct Romantic Atmosphere in Modern Bathroom

Marble is always attracting and stunning to be applied in a home. Well, some people pick marble for their countertops or kitchen backsplash to give hygienist impression in that crowded service area in your territory. Besides the kitchen, bathroom will be the next appropriate target to implement marble idea. Bev Adams is one of designer that has an idea to make bathroom more adorable with marble. You are able to see the pictures and notice how incredible the result is. If you are interested to bring that idea into your bathroom renovation project, this article will give you some...

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Indoor Bridge for Romantic Impression in Modern Basement

For those who like trying something different to make the house more extraordinary, an indoor bridge will be a good idea to apply here. This idea is unusual but it is nice to try. If you have a large area then you do not know what that is for, you can make a modern basement with the bridge there. In addition, indirectly, you bring a romantic myth in the construction. A number of people in Italy believe, when you are in the pool and under the bridge then you make a wish, the wish will come true. It is...

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Ultimate Innovation in Modular Shelf Designs by Maria Yasko

For those who are looking for inspiration to set a home for many things they own in a correct place, Maria Yasko has a good solution. The solution is presented on the collections of innovative shelve designs. The designs are various and incredibly serious. Lacking of details and ornamentations, the shelves offer perfect completion, function, and also decoration for your modern home living. You are able to put some stuff there. Then, you can also complete furniture you set on the spot perfectly. After that, the shelf will be an ultimate and decorative beautification in your home design. This...

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