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Brilliant Fluidity Idea in Dish Drying Rack with Planters

Kitchen is one of spots in your house that will be a target to decorate. Besides choosing good cabinetry which the design is in line with the concept you have, you need to have a thing that is more than decoration like wall decoration or paintings. Well, it does not mean that those can’t be set in your kitchen. You can keep doing that idea. However, you need to create a fresh thing with mesmerizing idea. This article will discuss about that original thing which can make your kitchen beautiful. But, that is more than decorations as well. There...

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Grey and White Apartment Decor Idea for Your Neutral Color Sense

Grey and white apartment decor ideas which we will discuss today is a modern apartment designed by Lanciano Design. It is certainly such creative and sophisticated idea to create the great effective solution for space saving living space. Well, we should know that white and grey color is good combination to make your interior decor brighter instead of combine the other colors at the same place. Grey and White Apartment with Space Saving Concept The space saving concept applied in this medium apartment space can be seen on the wall, ceiling, floor, and furniture. The entire of this grey...

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Modern Conference Room Table Design by Kinzo

What makes an exhibition, gallery, museum, or even a large expo show becomes interesting? Yap, it is because of the room design and decoration. According to research, human brain response first well through physical performance or what the eyes see. It means the impression accepted by eyes will leave in brain and also makes certain message and leave it in brain. In conclusion, what makes a conference or exhibition success is the design. Today, we will talk about modern meeting table by Kinzo. See, how they create unusual tables that finally become very attractive in decorating conference and exhibition....

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Willow Tree Inspiration for Compact Planter

Have you ever seen a willow tree? Well, this tree has big and tall dimension with thick stalk to accommodate much water. Today, to supporting GO GREEN campaign, there are many home furniture providers who design and create green furniture with compact design and versatile look. This GO GREEN furniture and accessories are including unique compact planter called Willow Tree Planter. Well, now you don’t have to grow big and tall real willow tree in your garden since you can get mini version of it in living room or other rooms in the house. Willow Tree Planter is designed...

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Candy Corn and Skull Painted Bags for Your Holiday Crafting

You are in holiday now. There is nothing to do but sleeping and eating. Wow, you should stop that unless you want to gain your weight more and more. If you do not want that, you should keep busy doing something. Well, if you are confused what you should have to do to spend your spare time, holiday crafting in Do It Yourself projects will be a fantastic idea to do. Moreover, Halloween is getting closer. You can prepare that big even by now. You can start it by finding a good idea of what you have to create...

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