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Collection of Romantic Pink Bedroom Decorating Ideas in Different Style

Pink bedroom ideas are great option to be applied as bedroom theme especially for new couple who want to benefit Valentine day to increase their love. It can be applied not only for a couple bedrooms, but also in bedroom design idea for young woman. Pink and red as love color is commonly applied in this bedroom theme to create romantic atmosphere in the room. There are several pink bedroom decor which has been combined with another colors and can be great selections as your own romantic bedroom themes. Red and pink colors Luxurious and mature are first impression...

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Small Studio Apartment Floor Plans

Floor plans are important before creating a studio apartment with small space. The size and shape of the studio apartment location should be fit with the floor plan. Thus the studio apartment can be built properly as its plan. As everybody knows that studio apartment is a small apartment contains of bedroom, kitchen, living room, and bathroom area without any wall to separate them, except for the bathroom. Many people interested in this single apartment with adorable design and look simple. They will not interest to choose or live in a studio apartment with bad floor plan. Bad studio...

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5 Best Compact Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Maybe you are currently looking for minimalist idea for your kitchen because your apartment is not the spacious one and you don’t even have a room for your kitchen. Actually compact kitchen design units could provide you a kitchen that you need though you don’t have a space for it because compact kitchen are emphasizing in how compact the kitchen could be by providing a space for all kitchen equipment even on one square meter only. Some of you might be wondering how all kitchen equipment like kitchen sink, stoves, refrigerator and disk washer could fit in only one...

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Inspirational Office Pantry Design for New Lunch Sensation

Some companies don’t care about the look of their office pantry because as long as the office boy could provide anything all the needs of the employees from coffee up to biscuit they like, they don’t mind about how the office pantry looks like. However, by designing your office pantry in decent way and hire a professional to work in your office pantry, you don’t need to spend your company’s budget to pay expensive restaurant when you have important guesses to serve. Well, the office pantry designs ideas above are some recommendations that you could choose for your office...

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