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The Exotic Cobweb Shade for Garden Lounge

Garden is typically built as the beautiful and green spot for any house either small or large. There are various styles and designs of garden that can be applied depend on the house interior and exterior design. Now we will introduce kind of stylish shade for your beautiful garden where you can enjoy the nature and do relaxation activity such as yoga. Cobwebs shade is a unique textile shade which designed by two professional members of MakMax namely: Julian Phillips and Martin Eddleston. Basically, it looks like a big gazebo which designed as like a tree shading the lounge...

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Wonderful Tea Time with Unique and Romantic Pivoting Set

You are able to invite your friends to try the snacks that you make for tea time. That is a good way to spend the twilight time with intimacy among you and your friends. Then, you can bring out tasteful tea with the snacks to accompany you. That is really wonderful then since getting along with your friends cannot be done every time. Each of you must have different business to do as a routine. So, get the time and have wonderful tea time together as long you and your friends can make it. Your time together will be...

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Classic Italian Fireplace by Sovio Firmino

For classic home interior ideas, this classic Italian fireplace by Sovio Firmino should be chosen to complete it. Fireplace is such essential home appliances that every home in four seasoned country should have. Fireplace typically designed in square shape which is patented install on the wall in living room, dining room, or bedroom. The function of it is similar with heater as a modern version which is as interior warmer. This fireplace usually needs certain material which can make the fire always turn on such as wood. Classic Design on Savio Firmino’s Fireplace Now, let’s see what kind of...

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Cool Planter Lamp by Zuzanna Malinowska

Trying the best to arrange “green house” doesn’t always involve many green colored furniture, appliances or painting whole interior with this calm motion. It precisely only involves simple accessory for home design such as lamp. This cool lamp is called as planter lamp professionally designed by Zuzanna Malinowska. She wants to create as creative as possible a home item with unique and simple design but it is featured with multipurpose strength. Well, we always find table lamp is simple which complicated design for “the stranger”. This table lamp is commonly placed on bedsides, side cabinet, fireplace, shelves, or other...

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Multifunction Box for Creative and Innovative Loft Design

If you have been bored with your old style of loft then your money is enough to remodel it, you should find a fresh idea to construct the new design. That phase should be overcome by looking at some designs spread out in internet. One of great examples is a design owned by Peter and Linda Benoit. They work to Melander Architects as well. This creative and innovative loft design is really original. They make a multifunction wooden box which can be good storage for book and clothes. In addition, the box is also used as room separator which...

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