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14 Genius Laundry Organization Ideas

#1  DIY Mobile laundry station Organize your laundry in the easiest way possible with this DIY mobile laundry station. Click here for more information.     #2 DIY Laundry basket organizer Never let that big pile of laundry frighten you again with this simple DIY laundry basket organizer. Just click here and follow the steps.     #3 DIY Storage inventions Make your life easier with these genius DIY storage inventions . Click here for more information.     #4 Laundry lint bin No room for the trash bin in your laundry room? try out this simple DIY laundry lint...

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Mini Compact Kitchen Design by Avanti

Compact kitchen by Avanti is one of modern resolution for people who live in small house or another tiny space such as, cottages, small villas, motel, and bedroom or in the office. This compact kitchen usually made in various size, color and appliances combination. Some appliances combination such as small faucet, electric or common stove, refrigerator, cabinet, microwave, gas storage, etc. are available in some products.  This compact kitchen can be ordered based on the customer needs. Many brands offer their compact kitchen product with numerous features. One of those compact kitchen brands is Avanti. Avanti provides unique, simple,...

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Traditional Coastal Style in White Modern Kitchen

Some people think that it is impossible to combine a traditional coastal style with a contemporary one. That is two different things that cannot mingle one to another. However, a house located in South Carolina breaks that theory by presenting a good mixture of both. Whiteness is really cool to create modern atmosphere around the kitchen. Then, decorations and also cabinetry are chosen with traditionalism of coastal style. You can feel that in each line of the cabinets. Contemporary style is also highlighted using kitchen appliances such as dishwasher, stove, and also fridge. All appliances are made of stainless...

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Wall Hung Bathroom Vanities with Sink by Altamarea

Wall hung bathroom vanity is appropriate solution for small house or studio apartment space type. Sometimes a single bathroom vanity is needed in a small bathroom, but when it has been placed on the bathroom, the bathroom would look smaller and crowded. To solve this problem, wall hung bathroom vanity is great choice. This bathroom vanity is commonly hung on the wall not far from the floor to remain little space on the floor; this condition can reduce crowded effect from furniture placement in the small bathroom. So many styles of wall hung bathroom vanity provided by furniture stores...

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How to Make Shabby Chic Painted Furniture Easily

We spend most of our time in our house therefore we may get bored with it. When we bored with our home, we can do some changing. Decorating our house with different style would make it looks like new. You can choose shabby chic painted furniture regarding on decorating your house. To add accent in your house or in particular room in your house, you may use shabby chic painted furniture in various arrangement methods. The furniture will add the accent of your house or room. Started in Britain, shabby chic style was the way to decorate the house...

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