Heart accessories for Valentine gift are a great idea to show your love for your special person, husband, wife, or beloved. There are many kinds of gift in heart shape which can be chosen to be given as Valentine gift except chocolate. Pink or red color on this love symbol would be better to create romantic accent on Valentine day. From simple and cheap into unique and expensive heart accessories are selected as a special gift in a special Valentine day. The following are some of heart accessories which can be special gift inspiration for Valentine day.

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Heart candy

Candy is good option to create creative thing to become a romantic gift in Valentine day. But the heart candy would be more special and unusual to become love gift. Candy porridge put in various sizes of heart molding place to form the heart shape on the plate. Pink heart candy for Valentine giftGive some small red and white confetti on the bottom of the molding place so that some of peach candy would be decorated by this confetti on its surface. Besides peach color with red and white confetti on it, dark pink candy looks beautiful with white and pink color combination of paper porridge on it. When they have dried, they will compatible to place as Valentine home decoration, heart accessories for Valentine gift, or centerpiece on dining table.

Hanging Heart accessories

Currently, mobile phone is found anywhere and almost all of the people in the world have this communication tool. Other Valentine heart are made as mobile phone hanging decoration. It is easy to make and quite cheaper. Flannel becomes the main material to make this heart accessory. Hanging gift Valentine heartBesides flannel is cheap material, it is also easy to be found in cloth store. Heart shape is drawn on a piece of flannel cloth, and then it is cut to fit the heart shape. Two pieces of heart flannel will be joined by sewing surround it. Before it is completely sewed, little cotton is slipped in to make it looks like a love cushion. For the furnishing, a long and thick thread about 10-15 cm is folded and sewed to hang it into the mobile phone or other place for Valentine decoration. Red and pink is appropriate color for Valentine gift.

Romantic heart plate

Valentine heart dinner plate

The next Valentine heart accessories are a set of plate pad for dining table. These plate pads are made from rubber which is quite thick with foam as like a piece of mouse pad. Heart shape is formed to reflect a love symbol to create romantic accent on it. Chic motif in red, purple, and yellow are drawn on pink backdrop color on the surface of pad. Large size of pads is used to place plates and small size is used to place glass or cup.

Romantic wreath

Valentine heart wreath ideasThe last Valentine heart ideas are a heart hanging decoration for door or wall decoration. A lot of coffee seeds are painted in red color and joined to form this love symbol with heart hole in the middle. Some of small red beads are arranged on the middle of stuck coffee seed to complete the beauty. Red ribbon is stuck on the top of heart to allow this accessory to hang on the door or wall by using a white pin.