Rustic interior door is actually uncommon to be applied as the house door, either interior or exterior door. For some people who like modern decor concepts, this kind of rustic door will break the modern concept of the home decor. But it is surely not true, by applying this ancient door look; the modern home design will look incredible. Various styles of rustic door can be found and applied in the house as interior or exterior door. Swinging or sliding style door also becomes the great option to connect the room in the house.

Special characteristic of rustic interior door

Commonly this kind of ancient door has its own characteristic as like Japanese door, so that you will easy to recognize it when you find it in the store or other house. Below are some special characteristic of rustic interior door.Antique rustic interior door ideas

  • Have you ever watched a historical Hollywood movie? Some of the castles or fortresses have the same character on their door style. Commonly, a rustic door is made of several long wood planks which are arranged in vertical and connected as a door. Modern rustic door style decorate a thick door board with carved art on the surface.
  • Wood is the main material in making this rustic door, either it is oak, eucalyptus, or others.
  • There are various unique plank arrangements which are used to connect the vertical wood planks. These styles are commonly applied on the internal side of the door. Some of them are E shape arrangement (three short wood planks arranged vertically on the top, middle, and the bottom of the door), zigzag style (4-5 planks arranged in zigzag along the door), common style with a plank located in the middle of the door, and others plank style.
  • The door handle or knob in this rustic door is also unique. Sometimes ring iron is installed on the upper middle door as a door knob and knocked media. Other modern style of rustic door handle has been designed as currently door handle.

Creating tips

Rustic interior door ideas

  • In designing the rustic door for your house, the thing you should do is find the best wood which can be durable for long time and of course it is endure of termites.
  • Try to decide the style of the rustic door, it will be a swinging door or sliding door, interior door or exterior door. Thicker wood may work properly as exterior door.
  • Design of the rustic door can be considered by the rustic theme which is applied in the house. For classic and ancient touch, the classic style of rustic door or connected wood planks style will be compatible. For luxurious and modern theme of home interior design, wood carved rustic door will give elegance accent for the decoration.
  • Use the best wood stain to maintain the wood from termite. In addition, wood stain also can gives glossy accent on the door surface which will look elegant. Apply darker color randomly on the wood so it would look old and ancient.

Sliding rustic interior door

Sliding rustic interior door ideas

This sliding door looks really reflect a countryside accent and rich with historical building accent in modern house. White color paint covers the entire wall in this house. This neutral color looks contrast with the color of this rustic door. Classic style is applied as the door design which uses connected vertical long wood planks as rustic door special characteristic. Shorter planks are arranged horizontally on the top, middle and the bottom. Brown wood natural color covers the entire of the sliding rustic interior door with darker brown color applied randomly to create natural accent of wooden door.