Bathroom furniture doesn’t always have to be sterile. There are plenty of interesting pieces that would make your bathroom an exciting place. Although the furniture is usually only serving the purpose, it doesn’t mean that it can not be designed differently. Here are some great examples of bathroom vanities that will bring charm to any bathroom. As central elements of the bathroom they deserve your attention.

rustic log bathroom vanity


For the rustic lovers a handmade wooden vanity is a good choice. There are no storage spaces except of the top surface for placing your things, but it is enough in addition to the values of wooden impression. Stone sink follows the rustic natural concept and a mirror in decorative stones frame gives a complete picture. You could make a mirror yourself attaching stones collected from beach to an ordinary frame. This way you will add a personal touch to the whole design.

dazzling mirror vanities


If you are open to some unusual ideas, a mirrored bathroom vanity will bring sparkles in. For a complete dazzling effect, place a huge wall mirror. It might seem a bit too much, but also elegant at the same time. You can have a different style design of the other rooms, so this could be your secret surprising effect.

moroccan style vanities


Bathroom can be furnished differently than the other part of your home. So let your imagination guide you. To introduce a distant spirit into your home try Moroccan style. It reflects calamity and will bring a pleasant relaxing atmosphere.

shabby chic vanities


White bathroom vanities in classical interior design style are a good girly choice. White is not sterile in this case because of the shapes and shades provided by composition of the vanity facade. Plastic transparent handles give a modern impression to it and a marble vanity top is easy to maintain. So do not be afraid of the white. It could be unisex, maybe. But for a complete female choice we select a pink chic vanity that a man could have trouble in handling.

modern glass bathroom vanity


If you search for small bathroom vanities you are prepared for a limited storage space. Maybe it would be more interesting to have towel holders instead of drawers. It is a useful solution that implies order and easy handling. The combination of glass and chrome is applicable to any wall surface color or material and the lack of drawers will help you get rid of the unneeded stuff and you will never again keep the empty packaging.