If you are decorating on a budget, follow our quick and easy bathroom makeovers. All you need is a spark of imagination and you can create chic ambience in your bathroom.

quick and easy makeover bathroom ideas

Roll up the towels

Roll up the towels and stack them neatly in a basket or a tray. Sometimes, with simple bathroom decor, your bathroom can get a boutique hotel’s bathroom feel.

Light it with candles

Candle lights can give romantic touch to your bathrooms. Perfumed candles also help in eliminating bathroom odor and make it smell fresh and inviting.

Where are the flowers?

Even a small bunch or a single stem of fresh flowers can make your bathroom look fresh. Choose a small vase and make sure you replace wilted flowers regularly.

Keep it fragrant

Apart from fragrant candles, you can also keep scented oils in your bathroom. Choose lavender or any of your favorite scent and create a spa-like feel in your very own bathroom.

Think about storage

Easy bathroom makeovers like having a few fancy pegs and keeping straw laundry baskets look lovely and make your bathroom clutter free.

Colorful bottles

Reuse beautiful perfume bottles to decorate your bathroom. If possible, fill them up with small pebbles or colorful beads.

Refill bottles

Refill bottles for hand-wash and shower gels are not that costly, and look better than the commercial bottles! Get some nice refill bottles and fill them up whenever needed.

A touch of simple Art

Hang a simple frame in your bathroom to make a statement. It doesn’t have to be a great piece of art- yet, it would transform the look of your bathroom.

It is possible to make easy bathroom updates without spending a lot of money, particularly when you are decorating on a budget.