Clever baskets can organize your home, home office, garden and other activities creatively. Owing to the size, light weight, portability and shape of the baskets, they offer flexible storage options and can be carried and placed almost anywhere. You can try our seven clever baskets’ ideas too!

Garden tool storage tips

garden tool storage basket

Storing your garden tools and supplies would need serious and detailed organization- but some things like secateurs, kneeling pad, weeding fork, trowel, gloves, sunscreen or a hat can be stored in a basket, so that you can be ready for a quick gardening session whenever you want! It wouldn’t be a wise idea to run back and forth to your garage to fetch these garden essentials. Out of the numerous garden tool storage tips, clever baskets prove to be really handy and fill your gardening experience with fun.

Immaculate living room

basket in your living room

Clever baskets can give your living room a much needed immaculate look, particularly, if small things like tea light candles, games, books, playing cards, and matches are strewn all over the place. You can even drop in your knitting bag in winters or citronella candles or mosquito repellent in summers. A basket like this would make your life comfortable because a lot of small things would be taken care of so conveniently. You would never lose the remote controls of your TV, music system or DVD players, if you keep them in clever baskets placed next to a couch in your living room.

Reuse your picnic basket

reuse picnic basket

Isn’t it really irksome when you can’t find sticky tapes or scissors, just when you have to wrap a gift in a rush? Avoid this hassle by reusing an old picnic basket and use its various compartments for storing small things needed to wrap gifts. Its bottle compartment is ideal for storing rolls of gift wraps, while the sticky tapes, scissors, ribbons, pens and gift tags can be stored safely in the other compartments. You would never store your gift wrap essentials in any other place because picnic baskets can be transformed into such clever baskets and make it easy to be carried around from room to room.

Organize your home office with clever baskets

organize your home office with clever baskets

A basket with a flat base and straight sides or an old picnic basket can be used for organizing your home office. Not only will it store all your stationary, paper clips, pens, envelopes, stamps, sticky tapes, stapler, calculator, post-it notes and scissors neatly but it will also look pretty under your home office table. To prevent your envelopes and papers from getting creased or dogeared, keep them in the boxes they were sold. Reuse old jars of jam to store paper clips, staple pins and rubber bands. You would be surprised how neatly clever baskets can organize your home office.

DIY laundry basket storage

laundry basket storage


Get creative by making DIY laundry basket storage for small items used for laundry and ironing. Your regular laundry basket is good for storing your clothes but what about storing your detergents, stain removers and scrubbing brushes? Choose a flat based basket and use it to organize your detergents, stain removers, scrubbing brushes and if you want to do it organically, then also keep white vinegar, sodium bi carbonate and soap flakes in it. This way you would know exactly where your laundry essentials are stored and your laundry days would become hassle free. Ideally you should make DIY laundry basket storage for your ironing as well. It wouldn’t look messy at all if you keep the water spray bottle, a small jug for filling the iron, and hangers in a small clever basket dedicated to your ironing.

Clever baskets as bed side tables

clever basket as bed side table

In small bedrooms, there are always issues of storing basic essentials like a spare pillow, tissue paper box, magazines and books. Chest-like baskets can be used as bed side tables, or placed at the foot of your bed. If you don’t have room for clever baskets in your room or you want to hide it, then choose low-height baskets that can be slid under your bed, when not in use. Baskets can be spray painted to match the color of your furniture and this way you can use such clever baskets to accessorize your bedroom as well.

Baskets for sudden beach party ideas

basket for sudden beach party ideas

Are you bubbling with beach party ideas? Get clever baskets ready for beach fun party all the time. Your swimming costume, goggles, sunscreen lotions, zincs, hats, towels, lip balm and insect repellent should be in that beach basket hanging by the front door all through the summer. If you have toddlers or older children, then it is a good decision to make a separate beach basket for them, with their swimming diapers and toys. A ready beach basket like this would transform your beach party ideas into incredible fun!