Shower room layout is important not only for aesthetic reasons but also for the purpose it serves. Shower rooms or wet rooms do not have distinctive shower spaces like shower trays, shower bases or shower pans etc. As such, a completely separate zone is allocated to build a shower room or a wet room in a bathroom.

shower room layout


If you are interested in interior design bathroom concepts, you might have browsed through numerous shower ideas on the internet. Space is one of the decisive features of interior design bathroom because it defines your parameters. Shower ideas for a small space would be different than those for a huge space. However, space restrictions should not limit your imagination and creativity.

Consider our 7 best shower room layout ideas, when designing a wet room.

seal timber correctly

Seal it correctly

Do not hesitate to clad your shower room with timber as long as you can seal it from steamy conditions correctly. Timber evokes a sense of warmth and elegance. Choose kiln-dried timber, and seal it all over with preferably a Danish oil finish. You can choose Tasmanian oak, western red cedar, spotted gum, Baltic pine or recycled messmate for cladding your shower room. Adding wood to interior design bathroom is one of the splendid shower ideas that can inspire almost everyone.

bathroom lighting

Light it up

Lighting is an important interior design bathroom concept. Nothing can beat natural lighting and you can use opaque glass on the windows for privacy. Reputed interior designers recommend using IP-rated lighting fixtures for your shower rooms, for safety purposes. The light fittings should withstand moisture and heat and they should be water proof as well.

Your shower ideas should encompass safety measures and precautions, wherever necessary. The positioning of power points or electrical sockets is crucial because they should be located in splash free zone to avoid short circuit.

shower room ventilation

Ventilation in shower room layout

Ventilated shower rooms do not build up moisture due to production of steam as it allows a constant air flow. Having enough ventilation is also one of the cheapest shower ideas to prevent the growth of molds in your wet room.

You can separate the wet zone or shower room with a shower curtain, but in this case, splashes of water can wet the entire bathroom every time you take a shower. Though minimal walls in shower rooms have its own advantages, but it might require frequent cleaning.

If possible, consult a licensed plumber, or a builder or a tiler before finalizing your shower room layout. You might find their advice useful regarding the installations in your shower rooms. You must check with your local building authority regarding council regulations of making structural changes to your home.

flooring for shower room

Flooring for shower rooms

Choose textured floor tiles to prevent slips and falls. Mosaics, textured stone, sandblasted or flamed finishes are ideal flooring options for shower room layout.

It is a good idea to tile the walls from wall to ceiling due to humidity issues. Tiling is an important aspect of shower room layout and it should be looked at as a section, not as individual tiles. Experts recommend that epoxy grout between tiles should be expandable, so that the tiles do not crack when the temperature of the shower room cools down after being heated with steam.

bathroom storage ideas

Interior design bathroom ideas for storage

You need to have storage in your shower room layout but it needs thoughtful consideration. It must be well beyond the range of splashes and steam. Your vanity cabinets must have sealed doors so that your items don’t get soaked with steam.

Professional interior designers suggest that the joinery of your vanity cabinets should be sealed properly, even if it is not visible. For better space utilization, go for inbuilt storage solutions.

specify zone in your shower room

Specify zones in your shower room layout

Specifying zones in your bathroom makes shower room layout logical. Screen your shower space with a translucent or sandblasted glass or even a half tiled wall. This would ensure that the water splashes are contained within a specific zone.

Luxury fittings in your shower zone will give it a spa-like feel. An overhead shower with a combination of rail showers would give you rejuvenating shower experience every day.

Toilet seats and toilet rolls must be saved from water splashes and should be installed away from the shower zone. Think about other shower ideas like underfoot heating in the shower zone. This would not only give you a warming sensation but would also help in evaporating excess water on the floor quickly.

practical shower ideas

Practical Shower Ideas

The shower unit is the focal point of a shower room. The fittings of your shower rooms depend upon your aesthetics, budget and other requirements. Over head showers or rail showers or a combination of both types of showers can be chosen for a wonderful shower experience.

The space you choose for your shower zone could either be in a corner or in the centre of the shower room. No matter where you chose to locate it, make sure that its floor has a built-in gradient that could allow the water to drain naturally. Pooled water promotes the growth of bacteria and it is considered as a major structural flaw in a shower room.

The flooring and other installations of a shower room should be water proof, so it is a good idea to discuss shower room layout with professionals that can give you professional advice and services.

A strip drain at one wall of the shower room would give you flexible options for the size of floor tiles.

Your shower room layout should be based upon design and practicality to enhance the quality and value of your home and your life.