Decorating small bedrooms often seems tedious as we usually face space constraints. It is tough to place all the furniture you own in a small living room. However, truth be told, it is easy to make striking arrangements in small living rooms as you can find various embellishments that are easy and inexpensive. Small living room furniture arrangement ideas are planned to give an image of a spacious area. Here are some of the latest trends for furniture arrangements:

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Use of  Lightweight Furniture

Lightweight Furniture

Small living rooms must have furniture that can be moved easily. Moreover bulky sized furniture gives a clumsy look. It could be a great idea to have leggy and armless chairs with glass coffee tables to gain a seating arrangement that looks better.

The furniture arrangement is the soul of a remarkable enhancement in living room. If you are eager to divide the living room into a dining room and another place where you can receive guests, arrange the furniture in two opposite directions. One zone is selected for dining table where as the other is right for communication. If the living room has a fire place, the sofa set can be arranged near it so that you can receive your guests and welcome them warmly.

Multi functional Furniture

Multifunctional Furniture

Arranging furniture in small living rooms needs proper measurement of the area and right selection of furniture. It is more appropriate to use multifunctional furniture which can be used as coffee table and have storage to store your favorite magazines and books. A shelf under the table is used to place many things without getting a ham-fisted appearance.

Don’t Use Round Shaped Arrangement

Round Shaped Arrangement

Small living room furniture arrangement depends on selection of the table, couch and chair. Instead of using a square or round shaped display, it is better to opt for triangle shaped arrangement to get maximum space. Furniture must be arranged in the center of living room so that there is enough passage for visitor’s movement.

Use of corners

appropriate use of corners

Furniture arrangements for small living rooms demand proper use of corners. The corners are best for storage purpose such as to keep desktop computer, book shelf or decoration items. Wall mounted shelves are awesome to decorate the living room without using the floor area. In addition, you can also use furniture that fits the corners of your room perfectly as shown in the picture.

Classic Combo Style

Arrangement in living room

Arrangement in living room is possible with classic combo style. Use small size sofa, coffee table and 2 comfortable chairs to get an intentional source of communication. The family members can enjoy easy conversations whenever they feel the need for it.

Formal Style for Living Room

Furniture arrangement ideas for small living rooms

Furniture arrangement ideas for small living rooms can be formal or informal. If you are interested to create a living room with a formal and sophisticated outlook, you can use mirror, glass coffee table, and soft light color rugs and off white wall paint.

Balanced Arrangement of Furniture

Arrangement of Furniture

Small living room furniture arrangement should be of same height and width. Sectional sofas which are comfy in sitting and have small sized arms are perfect. Sometimes the furniture is appropriate according to the room size but arrangement makes the thing messy. Always give value to balanced setting where each items has some co-ordination with other.