With a shortage of space, most people reside in small, congested areas. It’s not only about space, but it’s also about one’s financial status as not everyone can purchase huge, spacious houses. Small bathrooms are really painstaking since the family members can find it arduous to find appropriate spaces for bath tubs, cupboards, sink and toilets. However, there are many decorating ideas for small bathrooms that help in adjusting everything in its place. Here are seven remarkable ways to make your small bathrooms luxurious, stylish and perfect for showers.

Awesome tips for small bathroom

Use of Small Sized Corner Sink

small sized corner sink

Usually bathrooms cover 6 x 6 areas and it is really disturbing to have a big sized sink in such small spaces. Therefore, it is recommended to use a corner sink that takes less space. It works ideally and helps in using the remaining area for toilet and shower. Moreover the space below the sink can be used for racks to place towels and other small items.

Round Shaped Sink

Round Shaped Sink

Everyone desires to have a luxurious bathroom but investing huge amounts in a small sized area is unwise. It is always beneficial to plan a layout and adjust stuff according to the space instead of using big sized bath tubs. Decorating small bathrooms is an interesting and creative activity. If a washroom has a corner, it is best to use round shaped sinks and the space is ideally covered by installing the sinks and shelves.

Shower Curtain

small bathroom decorating ideas

There are various ideas to decorate small bathrooms but among all of them, it is great to use shower curtains to avoid door panels since it provides an ideal passage for a separate bath area. Side by side, shower tubs are available in really small sizes as small as 60 inches. In addition, instead of using a simple plain white shower curtain, try experimenting with bright, lively colors. After all, it’s awesome to step into a colorful bathroom!

Arrangement for Third Quarter Bathrooms

Arrangement for Third Quarter Bathrooms

Use wall mounted faucets

wall mounted faucets

Use of Counters

use of counters

Now that you have several Ideas for decorating a small bathroom, you can also think using counters to reduce space. Also, you need to think about your safety as a cluttered bathroom can prove to be dangerous. A counter provides ample place to place your bathroom accessories in an organized fashion. Moreover, you can also try experimenting with vases and green plants as they offer a soothing experience.

Glass Panel Instead of Shower Door

glass panel

If the bathroom’s size is just about five feet, it becomes really complicated to utilize space. Decorating small bathrooms are possible if the bath tub has 30 x 60 inch measurement. Instead of using a shower door, using an elbow sized fixed panel for a bathtub is best to keep the floor dry. Furthermore, the trough sink is an amazing and space saving option.

As you can see, space is not really a constraint if you plan well and utilize small spaces in your bathroom. Even small bathrooms can appear luxurious if everything’s organized.

Small bathrooms decor ideas emphasize the usage of corner bath tubs, so that it provides an illusion of a large sized bathroom. A sliding door for third quarter bath area with a small sink and toilet offers more space to move and place all the required things in an appropriate manner.