Depending on its size and location, watering your garden can consume a lot of water, adding to your utility bills. Moreover excessive watering is harmful for most plants. However, there are many garden watering techniques that can help saving water while gardening with water. Here are some water saving tips to help you while watering your garden:

How to Save Water For a Garden

Avoid wastage

Avoid Wastage

You would agree that the most convenient and logical way to save any item or utility is to avoid its wastage.  So, at the outset, make sure that your garden has no leaking taps. There are many instances of water getting wasted in your garden. You should understand that over watering amounts to wastage of water. If water starts running off, it is getting wasted. It is realized that small but frequent watering proves more helpful in the long run and saves water.  In addition, it is recommended to use a broom rather than a hose for cleaning paved areas of your garden.

Selection of plants

How to select plants for garden

If you have been a keen gardener you would have realized that all plants do not require the same amount of water for growing well and staying healthy. This is especially valid for grasses. For instance, El Toro Zoysia grass would stay healthy with minimum watering. In fact, it need not be watered for days together. You would know lawns consume maximum volumes of water. Another trick is to use clover along with grass as it retains water for long, resulting in a hale and hearty lawn. So, have an assortment of plants as per their water requirements and do include plants that need less water for their growth and staying healthy.

Harvesting Rain Water

harvesting rain water

If you happen to be living in an area that attracts rains but has dry climate otherwise, it is imperative for you to find ways of preserving rain water. Position your water containers at places where they would collect maximum of rain water.  It helps positioning these on the patio, in the rear of the greenhouse or next to the area containing vegetables to make water easily accessible whenever required. You can also consider recycling water already used in the kitchen as long as it is free of detergents. You may dig not-so-deep trenches or troughs around shrubs and plants. That helps retaining water around the roots of plants and eliminates its wastage.

Avoid having slopes in your garden

Avoid having slopes in your garden

Slopes not only carry away valuable soil and fertilizer but also allow water to run off very quickly, necessitating frequent watering.

Choosing the right time for watering

How to choose a right time for watering

When looking for helpful ways of saving water in a garden, it is important to water your garden at the correct time. Do not water your plants with the sun around, as a lot of water will get evaporated quickly.

Use Mulch

Use of Mulch

When considering how to save water in the garden do not overlook the significance of having lots and lots of mulch in your garden. It helps reducing evaporation of water. Ideally, mulch should be applied between autumn and spring as the soil would yet be moist. It is a good idea to cover the soil with pebbles, gravel and bark chips but mulch provides the best covering.