Do you often face space constraints since you live in a small house/apartment? If yes, you’re not alone as many of us can’t afford to live in huge, spacious houses. However, you don’t have to neglect your house, especially your bedroom just because it’s tiny. There are various small room decor ideas that will inspire your creative juices to do something incredible with your own bedroom. Read on and check the pictures to find out how to decorate a small bedroom.

In this article, we are going to discuss and show you how to save space in your bedroom. There are various ways to design your beds in a way where you have ample storage options. These ideas to decorate a small bedroom are handy whenever you want something cheap and creative.

Check out some beds that are not only going to save you space, but are also cheap to be made.

Create maximum space

How to Create a maximum space in a small bedroom

Isn’t this a brilliant, creative design to save space in your bedroom? Both the top and the bottom portions serve as the bed and if you have kids who love sleeping in a setting that resembles bunk beds, this is a perfect option for them. The stairs you see are used as storage areas where you can store blankets, toys and just about anything. This small bedroom decor is great for anyone looking to save space in their bedrooms.

Hanging bed

Incredible Hanging Bed

As you can see, this apartment is tiny but it makes up for the space due to the owner’s creative idea. The bed is suspended using a wrought iron basket that is mounted to the ceiling. As it is so close to the ceiling, you get a lot of sunlight too. Decor for small bedrooms need not be expensive, but they do need a fine touch of creativity as shown in the picture.

Storage and comfort

Storage and comfort

The furniture is designed in a way where it acts both as a bed and as a book shelf. Pretty genius eh? Read on to see more pictures on small bedroom decor.

All in One

All in One Bed

This brilliantly designed furniture acts as computer table and as a bed. It also has inbuilt storage units that help you store all your important documents or just about anything you please. It is compact, affordable and helps you to save a lot of space in the bargain. This must give you a pretty good idea as to how to decorate a small bedroom easily.

Two in one couch and bed

two in one couch in bed

If you’re too lazy to leave your sofa, you can convert it into a makeshift bed as shown in the picture.

Kids trundle beds

trundle beds

As you can see, you get to have to have two beds that can be placed in the same place. This is going to be a hit with the kids as they can share the space with their siblings too.

Space is never a constraint if you start designing your bedroom in a creative manner. As a bed takes up a lot of space in any bedroom, we displayed pictures of beds that can be created to save space. However, there are plenty other ideas to decorate a small bedroom and you browse through them on the internet. These awesome ideas not only help you save space, but you inevitably save money too.