Make decorations such as Wreath on the door, colorful lights, dioramas of birth of Jesus and main decoration should not be missed, Christmas tree. Christmas Day is identical with the presence of Christmas trees. When Christmas approaches everyone is busy decorating the Christmas tree to be placed in various areas in the house to add a festive atmosphere of Christmas. Every year, certainly you want something new on the Christmas tree decoration. No need to purchase new decorations as well as old light decoration can still be used. You need only a different arrangement to get different Christmas tree. If you want a Christmas tree decorations truthful completely different, you’re in the right place now. Some Christmas decorations bellow one the following pictures are ready to be referenced to create a special Christmas tree at home.

Colorful and artificial design

Unique Christmas Tree with Colorful and Artificial Design Image 173 The main Christmas tree decorations are colorful lights that wrap along the body of the tree. But try something different by changing the green color in the leaves to another colors. Like the unique Christmas tree design on the picture above, the green color leaves replaced with a sea blue, purple and bright green colors. Christmas tree with underwater scenery theme. Various types of fish ornament is hung so it looks alive.

Old style for classical views

Classic Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas Image 174Try this unique style Christmas tree. Not spruce or pine, but the old tree with little leaves. Old tree was chosen because the winding stem forms meanders, full of art value. Branches have few leaves on the shoots only. Provide a luxurious, suitable for you who have a classic style home.

United States flag Christmas tree ideas

United States Fag Christmas Tree Ideas Image 175

Christmas trees styled United States flag. The shoots were colored with blue and then decorated with 50 white light refers to the number of stars on real United States flag. The middle to bottom are colored white and red. The design is made of plastic because it will be difficult to give a color if it’s made of pine. Christmas trees are very nationalistic.

Unique pine cones

Unique Pine Cone Christmas Tree Design Image 167Creative Christmas trees decor with pine cones as the main ingredient. Dried pine cone are already arranged in a small pot to form a cone. How to make this cool Christmas tree? It’s very simple. Stick covered with corks plug into the pot as single frame. Then the pine cone that has been punctured stick plug to the frame starts at the bottom. Topper uses a small pine cone, you can replace it with another decoration. Add some green leaves between stacks pine cone and decorate with lights to make it look more attractive at night.

Unusual placement

Unusual Christmas Tree Placement on the Ceiling Image 168Maybe your Christmas tree is often placed in living room, kitchen or front of home. But what about the placement of this Christmas tree were hung on the ceiling of the room. Unusual sight will be given by the tree this Christmas.