When you’re planning the layout and designing a bedroom you need your design to tick a lot of boxes.

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It needs to be stylish, functional, comfortable and have a sense of your individual identity.

If you’re planning a bedroom one great option to consider is built ins – which might make you think of the beige wardrobes that fill your Grandparents bedroom, but modern built in options have come a long, long way – and there are some truly beautiful built ins that you could consider for your design.

We’re going to showcase the best five built ins to inspire you as you plan your own bedroom, and perhaps one of these awesome ideas will get your creative juices flowing.

Sometimes, when space is limited and you’re raising a family, you need to think of exciting ways for your children to share their sleeping space to maximise the room for play and activities.

We’re all fans of a good ‘bunk bed’ – but why opt for a basic wooden frame with a wobbly ladder when you can build some incredible bunks into the room that give each child a personal space of their own, a little shelving and storage for their treasures, and a super stylish bunk design that makes sharing a room a joy, rather than a chore.

custom wooden bunk bed

Another fantastic kids room built in pairs two beds in an unusual layout – with desk space, wardrobes, shelving, overhead storage and a really airy feel, despite fitting so much functionality into such a limited space.

This leaves plenty of floor space for lots of play, activity and fun and makes this kids room a brilliant space to share, or for one lucky kid who likes to host the most stylish sleepovers in town.

fantastic kids room built in pairs two beds

If it’s space that you’re worried about why not see if you can creep into the eaves, or make use of the height of the room to leave the floor clear; this is a great way to make the best of rooms with a small floorspace. You can use the freed up floor space below your raised beds for desks, storage, seating or shelving – or just leave it free as a play space for your child to spread their toys out in as they play.
For a neat idea to make the best of a small, unusually shaped room take a look at this cute bed built into the eaves, and note the great use of cupboards as steps, and blackboard paint to make the doors a great creative outlet for your kids.

cute bed built into the eaves

This gorgeous, bright and airy kids bedroom is perfected by the great use of built ins – storage, beds and quirky accessories all incorporated into the bunks down one side, with cupboards built into the eaves on the opposite side – and a great, wide, free space at the end for play – another imaginative use of space that makes for great kids room inspiration. If you have limited space and a small kids bedroom that you want to make the most of this is a fantastic way to achieve it.

gorgeous bright and airy kids bedroom

If your children are growing up and you’re looking for a great designer room for a teenager you can still make great use of built ins – this inspirational design gives the lucky occupant a great teenager built in bedroom that looks super stylish, with bed space, a great little desk to study on with handy storage all around, from the shelving above the desk to the neat little drawers below the bed, and the ladder gives access to some super handy storage above the bed to tuck away bulkier items or display treasures.

A great room for teenagers to entertain friends, work rest and play.

splendid teenage room interior design