Organizing children’s room is not less than a challenge because it is perhaps one of the most active zones of any household. Therefore, children’s toys, bedding, study desk, clothes, shoes, sports’ kits, artwork and books require well planned room layout and viable storage furniture.
We have five handy and budget-friendly tips for you to organize children’s rooms.

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Tip 1 Identify what needs to be organized
Ask yourself: “Is children’s room organized according to their respective ages?” If the answer to this question is no, then start brainstorming now! Look around and note down the most disorganized areas e.g. Study desk, wardrobe, bed etc. and try to figure out what is the root cause of disorganization of children’s room.

Tip 2 Make children’s room clutter-free
Rummage through your children’s toys and closets and get rid of everything your child has grown out of. The number of toys and objects grow with children and this is how clutter keeps piling up over the years. Don’t be tempted to keep anything that might be used in future, because this is the biggest hurdle in organizing children’s rooms. Retain only such items that hold very special memories.

Tip 3 Buy integrated furniture for children’s room
Organizing children’s room can be made a lot easy even in a limited space by buying integrated furniture like the one shown in this picture by John Lewis, a UK based Company.

Bunk-bed for shared children’s room by John Lewis


Tip 4 Invest in storage furniture

One of the main reasons why children’s rooms lack organization is insufficient storage furniture. Investing in storage furniture can give you plenty of room for organizing their toys, clothing, bedding, sport’s kits and shoes etc.

Shoe storage bench for children’s room by Ikea

shoe storage

Tip 5 Start organizing children’s room vertically

Wall shelves and cabinets can effectively organize children’s rooms. Small boxes and baskets, as shown in this picture are ideal for storing random items. These can also be labelled for easy accessibility.

Organizing smaller children’s rooms
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If the drawers and cabinets of your children’s room are overflowing with their pictures, artwork and newsletters from school, then you must put up a display board to give an organized and colorful look to their room.

Display board for children’s room

display board

Peg rail shelves are essential for organizing children’s room because you can hang clothing, towels, hats or bags on the pegs and use the shelf for display purpose.

Organizing with peg rails shelves