Bike lovers know the simple beauty of the carefully engineered bike wheel – but when it comes to decorating a kitchen, is there really a place for an old bike wheel? You might not be sure – even if you’re a cycling enthusiast – but here we can prove to you that bike wheels can be re-purposed in a range of ways that will capture your imagination and make your passion a feature in your kitchen too. The first idea – and it’s a simple one that might have you wondering how you hadn’t thought of it before – is this cute bike wheel clock. Simple to make, with clock fittings being very inexpensive, and eye-catching as well as useful.

cute bike wheel clock

If you want a feature in your kitchen that’s totally functional take a look at this idea. We’ve all seen hanging pan racks – but had you ever thought how perfect a bike wheel pan rack would be? It’s the right size, it has plenty of places to hang hooks to swing your pans from, and it looks totally cool. Securely hang your bike wheel from a ceiling beam, and add some heavy duty hooks – and it’s the coolest pan rack in town.

bike wheel pan rock

And if you need a memo-space in your kitchen to tuck shopping lists, reminders, postcards from friends and your kids art work, take a look at this simple idea. A bike wheel Re-purposed as a memo-board. This is a super simple idea – just wall mount your bike wheel, and then go right on ahead and tuck your memo, memento or picture between the spokes.

bike wheel as a memo board

The next idea is a really quirky, fun way to reuse old bike wheels. If you need a fun and funky light fitting in your kitchen – or anywhere else in your home, for that matter, then this bike wheel light fitting might be right up your street. We love the quirky circus feel to the lights, and it’s tempting to spin the wheel for a moving, sparkling light display.

bike wheel lighting fixtures

Maybe all of those ideas were a bit out there – and you want to make your bike wheel a little more subtle as an addition to your kitchen decor. Take a look at this idea. This cute bar stool is perfect for the breakfast bar, and the bike wheel is a fun feature as a footrest, rather than the full focus of the piece.

bike wheel re purposed as a kitchen bar stool

All these ideas should have you looking at your bike’s wheels, and your kitchen, in a whole new way.