In most homes there are frustrating nooks and crannies where storage space is awkward to access. Pans tumble from cupboards, drawers get filled to the brim with forgotten items that are crammed in, out of sight, out of mind. Shoes are thrown into cupboards under the stairs and muddled up, only to all be thrown out searching for the partner to the one shoe you can find when you’re already running late.

We’ve all experienced these frustrations, and we’ve all wished there was a better solution to this wasted space and badly designed storage, and we’ve all dreamed of a home in which we can be more organised.

Well now, thanks to some clever minds putting their skills to good use, those frustrating wasted spaces and awkward storage spots have solutions.

Here we can take a closer look at five clever pull out storage ideas for different places around your home.

The first example we’re looking at is a fantastic kitchen space saver. There can be a lot of wasted space in a fitted kitchen, and this is one clever solution to making the best of the space and avoiding clutter.

A pull-out drawer with in built racks serves as the perfect storage for spices and herbs, tucked neatly in beside the oven where they’re easy to access, handy to use, and even easier to tuck back away out of sight tidily.

architecture kitchen design

In almost every kitchen there is a dreaded pan cupboard where pans, cooking trays and crock pots battle for space, often tucked away around a corner making the things at the back difficult to reach without knocking other items out onto the floor or having to remove everything to reach the one item you need, then playing pan Jenga to get it all back inside, shutting the door quickly before everything can fall out.

This clever design puts a stop to all that. A clever set of shelves with a smooth, sliding mechanism that glides out of the very far corner, meaning no more leaning, no more scrabbling, no more clumsy juggling of pans – simply grab hold of your handy pull out storage cabinet shelving and you can neatly stow away all your pans, and easily access them next time you cook.

pull out shelves

Kitchen drawers don’t need to be as straight forward as simply places to store your cutlery, baking trays and the mysterious collection of things that always somehow find their way into unused spaces.

Cut back on the clutter with one of these clever ideas. If you have limited surface space, but sometimes wish that there was a way you could extend it from time to time, just to make preparing a meal a little easier – this draw pulls out to give you just that; a supported surface that extends your work space, giving you a place for your blender, mixer, or processor.

And if you’re in a small home or apartment and are limited on space for bulky items like ironing boards – check this out! Where you could have had a drawer full of clutter you instead have a clever pull out ironing board.

clever pull out ironing board

Rather than trying to fit your shoes into a small rack, or worse, leaving them in a heap on the floor of your closet, take a peep at this clever pull out shoe rack, with multiple levels that all glide out to display your full shoe collection.

fancy shoe rack pull out ideas

Our last creative pull out storage idea is this fantastic use of space under the stairs, a space that could be a dusty, cobwebbed space that collects unwanted junk; instead make it a fantastic closet space for shoes, winter clothes, a hanging rail for bulkier items – the perfect secret space to increase storage with one giant pull out closet.

appealing under stair storage ideas