Creating the right ambiance in any room and making it feel inviting is as simple as getting the lighting right – but when you’re decorating a kitchen you can’t think mood lighting as much as you need to think functional lighting.

 But the thing with functional lighting is that it doesn’t have to be all strip lighting and spotlights – it can be fun as well as functional, and fun kitchen lights come in all manner of styles, and there’s something to suit every home, whatever your decor tastes.

 The first example we’re going to look at makes a breakfast bar an inviting place to hang out, even between meals, by dropping the lights low and making them a feature. These oversized lamps at varied heights are eye-catching and fun.

Cosy Soft Mood Living Room Lighting

There are areas of the kitchen that even great ceiling lights leave gloomy – particularly when you’re standing at the surface preparing food and casting your own shadow over what you’re doing – making fast knife work a little risky, to say the least.

If you want better lighting while you work, but don’t want to go overboard with fluorescent floodlights to make the room bright, take  a look at the next idea.

These spotlights set below the kitchen units can either create a better space to work in as you prepare food, or be on in place of the overhead lighting to create a softer glow if you’re just grabbing a snack or enjoying a drink at the breakfast bar first thing in the morning.


If it’s feature lighting you’re looking for don’t think that you have to stick to ceiling lights, even in a kitchen. Take a look at these fantastic light shades that bounce light like diamonds all around the room, sparkling and dancing. The filigree design makes these fun lights stylish, eye-catching and a real talking point for a kitchen.


If that seemed more your kind of thing but still wasn’t fun enough then you need to think outside the box.

Our next example has taken an everyday kitchen item – kilner jars – and rather than using them to preserve the summer’s harvest, these jars have been used in a whole new way.

Whether as a single spot light, as a lamp for a dark corner, or – as here – gathered as a bunch to create a fun chandelier effect, these kilner jar lights are a fantastic kitchen lighting ideas. What better way to re-use everyday kitchen items than to incorporate them in new ways into the decor?


There’s thinking outside the box – and there’s thinking WAY outside the box. This next fantastic kitchen lighting idea is a feature with a difference. A collection of cheese graters used as lampshades for a row of bulbs – a glowing, sparkling, light dancing feature that will be a real wow feature that friends will love – and everyone will want to ask about.

As you can see, we have found some fantastic lighting ideas for kitchens – which is your favorite? Can you see yourself with some cheese-grater lights of your own?