When space is at a premium and you aren’t able to move to a bigger property you need to get creative with the way you’re using space – and sometimes this means re-thinking the way you plan a room’s layout altogether.

If you’re decorating a narrow kids bedroom and need to make the most of the space think outside the box; look up – and see how much space is in the whole of the room, not just in the floor plan.

A narrow room is a great way to create some interesting and exciting kids bedroom designs and a narrow kids room can be a tall kids room – one which will be the envy of all their friends and make the bedtime routine harmonious!

We’re going to look at five narrow kids rooms and talk about the great ideas each has used, and the different ways they’ve made the best use of the narrow space available.

The first room we’re looking at is a very narrow bedroom that has been turned into a cute, creative den that any child would be over the moon to call their own.

narrow kids room design idea

Note the adorable play area below the bed and the unusual lengthways bunk that can be crawled into, with the stylised playhouse design on the curtain that can be pulled across, making this room a cosy play space that little girls would love.

You can see along the wall an interesting way to display and store books – let’s take a look at another room where a similar idea has been included when designing a narrow bedroom for a child began.

A narrow bedroom won’t always have the floor space for a bulky, traditional bookcase – but everyone knows kids love picture books, and what better way to encourage their reading than to display the books as artwork on these cute narrow shelves, making the best use of the height of the room and freeing up vital space.

kids room ceiling

This next narrow kids room is surprisingly spacious when you consider that it’s a very narrow attic space – but the clever built in beds have storage below, sneak space from the eaves for further storage behind, and are built up to make use of what height there is available – meaning the floor isn’t cluttered with furniture vying for a place.
This is a beautiful example of making the best of a narrow bedroom.

two brothers room decoration

Tiny bedrooms don’t need to mean that you lose out on stylish spaces – even when the space is really tiny! There are great ways to make the best of the space – including clever cupboards and drawers that use height rather than depth to give you a lot of storage space, long, narrow desks and shelving for studying and storage without eating up floor space – and even clever beds that fold down from the wall, and can fold back in to open up room to move around during the day.

white and green retro colors in small bedroom

As your children get older the things their priorities for their bedroom change – it’s less about a bed and playing and more about entertaining friends, privacy, personal space and independence. Narrow bedroom ideas for teenagers include desk space, shelving, seating for when friends visit (that can double as a spare bed for a sleepover) places to relax and listen to music, entertainment, perhaps a TV – and after factoring in all of that you still need a place for your teenager to sleep!

This design really makes the most of a narrow bedroom and has taken some space from the hallway outside to create a sleeping platform high in the room, meaning that the narrow bedroom itself is a place for study, relaxing and spending time with friends. It’s the perfect solution to a cool teenager’s bedroom in a narrow space.


As you can see a narrow bedroom doesn’t have to be a challenge, it can be a blessing when you get the chance to come up with some creative ideas and awesome ways to make a narrow bedroom the most enviable spot in the house.