There are not many who can spend large amounts of cash to have luxurious bath, resembling spas, having saunas and Jacuzzi, fancy showers and bathtubs plus separate vanities for spouses. With space coming at a high premium, especially in bigger cities, most designers allocate bare minimum space for bathroom, though this is one room which the entire household has to use as smaller apartments have provision for just one bathroom! Yet, these homeowners need not get hassled trying fitting the requirements of member of the family for there are many design ideas for small bathrooms.

When toying with the design ideas for small bathrooms, the one factor that should never escape your mind is that you are going to work within a limited space and try making the most of what you have. Here are some small bathroom design ideas to give your bathroom a more spacious look:

There are many factors that make a bathroom look smaller than its actual size, but the factors that contribute the most are clutter and light. So, let’s first take care of these two.

small bathroom design ideas

Get rid of clutter

At the outset, you should get rid of all the clutter that has been getting accumulated since long. You may be surprised by the number of tubes, jars, bottles, brushes, soaps, bowls that are occupying valuable space around the basin. Consider removing the clothesline or at least find it a not so conspicuous place.



Bathroom design ideas for small spaces would necessarily include lighting. Lighting cam extensively be exploited to manipulate space. If you are not too sure of the lighting to be incorporated in small bathroom, you may search the net or seek professional advice. Look for lights of the kind of halogen spotlights that mimic daylight. You can explore the likelihood of replacing that small window with a bigger one to let in more sunlight. Let the window be free of all rail and curtains. Instead, use frosted glass to cover the window. And finally, do install a skylight.

bathroom mirrors


Followed by lighting, mirrors are the next best accessory to make your bathroom look larger than its real size. Mirror on the exteriors of storage pieces reflect light, creating an illusion of a larger bathroom. However, keep in mind that it is critical to keep mirrors clean and shining all the time and this may add to your physical strain.

bathroom light reflection

Replacing old toilet

If you visit a hardware store in your neighborhood, you’ll be surprised by the newer deigns of toilets available in today’s market.  They come in slimmer designs, helping you save not only valuable space, but also large volumes of water.

replacing toilet

Corner showers

Bathroom design ideas for small spaces need not be very expensive all the time. Budget permitting, you should certainly consider corner shower in place of a full bathtub as it results to considerable saving of space.  If you must have a bathtub, look for one with compact design and install a sliding door rather than a hanging a curtain.