There is little doubt that the bedroom is your most personal pace in the entire house.  At the end of a hard day your bedroom is a heavenly space that allows you to relax by indulging in your favorite pastime like reading, listening to music, talking to friends and also helps you to let go of your stress, thus inducing a peaceful sleep. It’s no wonder that we spend about thirty percent of our life in our bedrooms! That makes it imperative to have a bedroom that befits your personal requirements. But then, your personal requirements keep changing with time, prompting you to seek its renovation. Factors that could motivate to transform the bedroom can vary from just getting tired of the same colors, design and set up to changing trend styles. Those considering ideas for a bedroom makeover will find these ideas helpful as we also help with some cheap bedroom makeover ideas.

Getting rid of clutter

getting rid of clutter

Perhaps, the simplest and inexpensive DIY bedroom makeover idea is to make your bedroom free of clutter. Clutter-free, organized bedroom helps relaxation, making it look more spacious. You will be amazed with the difference it makes! Get rid of those old books, magazines and newspapers so that they don’t occupy any space on the floor, chairs or the dresser. Arrange and store your mail and bills neatly, in a not so conspicuous place. If you realize that your bedroom is a bit too crowded with pieces of furniture, it’s time to shift those to some other part of the house. Of all the ideas for a bedroom makeover, you’ll find that this is not only among the most economical but also the simplest, consuming minimum time. Another benefit of bringing your bedroom to this state is that you may be prompted to refocus on your requirements.  This is probably the cheapest and quickest way to give your bedroom a superb makeover.

Adding color

how to do a bedroom makeover

If you are wondering how to do a bedroom makeover, you will appreciate how colors can entirely transform the looks of any room and bedroom is no exception to that. The best thing is that you get many options for incorporating appropriate colors.  You pay paint the walls in cool, eye-catching colors or change the color of window dressings. Let your creative juices flow to give your bedroom the kind of color it deserves. While you’re playing with several colors, make sure that you also add color to your furniture, so that it adds to the beauty of the room. Colors always brighten up the room and make you feel bright and lively whenever you experiment with bright colors.

Incorporating bedroom accessories

how to incorporate a bedroom accessories

Including bedroom accessories not only make the bedroom more comfortable but also add to its looks, giving you an opportunity to demonstrate your taste and style. You could surely use accessories for adding color in your bedroom. Making creative use of pillows, cushions, carpets and blankets in complimentary colors enhances the looks of your bedroom.  Give a prolonged thought to the ultimate looks your bedroom should have before getting started.



Let your bedroom comprise of various lighting arrangements, allowing you to adjust light as per moods. For instance, a chandelier looks beautiful and radiant for the purpose of general lighting. Ensure to include bedside lamps and a few bulbs with adjustable lighting arrangement. Design of the bedroom should facilitate entry of maximum daylight into the room during the day.

Design of Wardrobe

design of wardrobe

This may be one of the expensive ideas for a bedroom makeover but installation of wardrobe with sliding door is a great way to renovate your bedroom. It not only looks great but is highly functional too.

Those were but some of the ideas for bedroom makeovers and you can get many more on searching the net.