Bored of typical bed designs? Have a look at our top 5 highly recommended creative and unusual bed designs. If you like to experiment with new ideas in life, why not experiment with the decor of your bedroom.

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Ever since your childhood, you might have had traditional bed designs in your home- but designers are busy creating interesting and unique bed designs that evoke a sense of free spirit and an urge to break away from the typical interior design ideas.

Unique beds do not have to look weird! There is a creative philosophy behind their design and you might instantly fall in love with a certain unique and creative bed design, if you believe in the same philosophy. If you are interested in unique and unusual bed designs, make sure that the bedroom decor echoes it as well. You surely would not like to make a hodge-podge of your bedroom by choosing unusual bed designs for a bedroom that has been done in a Victorian style!

The furniture and the furnishings of your bedroom should complement the unique and unusual bed design you choose. They should be as cool as the cool beds that you want so much to buy for your bedroom. Have a look at this cool bed, which looks absolutely amazing even without the typical headboards and foot-boards.


The canopy-like feature of this cool bed gives it a unique look and the four arches on each side of the bed make it stand apart from typical canopy beds. The soft curves of this bed design give it a cozy and inviting feel. Cool beds like the one shown in this picture are perfect for a romantic bedroom. The canopy is made with gauze that will filter the sunlight naturally, so that you can enjoy a peaceful sleep.


How about having U-shaped headboard and foot board for your bedroom? If you are bored of the flat headboards and foot boards, you can add an interesting dimension to it, as shown in this picture. The grid-like pattern of this bed makes it unique and unusual.

Unique beds do not necessarily have to be custom made- you can even transform your existing bed designs. Just add side panels to your headboards and foot-boards and cover it with the same material or paint as your existing bed and there you go! You have created your own unique and unusual bed design.

Turn your wall into a giant headboard. Unique idea, isn’t it?

Headboards can change your bed designs drastically. By simply replacing your old headboard, and choosing a creative and unusual headboard design, you can achieve the desired looks of your bedroom, within your budget range.



An oversized headboard can give your bedroom a luxurious feel and look. This Chesterfield headboard lends class, elegance and unsurpassable luxury to this bedroom. The pale color of this unique bed stands out against the dark wall papers and other décor of the bedroom. It contrasts beautifully with the brown and gold theme of this room.

Do you want to have more curves than straight lines in your furniture? Look at this cool bed! Isn’t the headboard perfectly curvaceous?

original and creative bed design

It seems that the headboard is gradually rising from the platform. It looks absolutely comfortable and inviting and headboards shaped like this allow you to lie down the same way as you lie down on your couch.

Such bed designs break away from traditional concepts of furniture design and introduce freshness and creativity to interior design concepts.

Don’t you think watching TV while lying down on this bed would be more comfortable than your favorite couch or sofa?

Inspired by the philosophy of Ying-Yang? Check this bed out!

ying yang bed design

Designed according to the principle of Ying Yang, this unique bed is round shaped, occupies very little space and can accommodate both of you. Interesting, isn’t it? Though, it is a variation of typical bunk beds, but its unusual design makes it look more creative and unique.

Creative and unique bed designs do not follow the contemporary trends- they have a philosophy of their own. If you like to think out of the box and believe in transforming your ideas creatively into reality, then it will definitely reflect in your home decor. Creative and unique beds not only reflect your creative personality but give your home an interesting spark. They give a glimpse of your deep imagination and a passion to fulfill your dreams. If you have a unique outlook towards life, you must design your home and particularly your bedroom with creative and unusual bed designs.