When you buy your first place, or rent in the city, finding a home with a lot of space can be difficult. Instead you have to make the most of a smaller space, and find creative ways to get everything you want out of what room you have.

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If you’re living in a small apartment and you want some ideas that will make if feel less cramped take a look at the ideas we cover here.

The first idea we’re going to look at is this cute bed-between-the-closets.

This apartment could be one dominated by a bed, with the seating squeezed into any left over space – but instead it’s a spacious, bright space.

There are two doors in the room – one end a built in closet, the other a small shower room, and between them the alcove space – a nice sized area that was otherwise not being much use – has been turned into a built in bed, with storage below and cute lights fitting against the wall above.

This cosy nook is the kind of space anyone would love to curl up to sleep.

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If your small apartment hasn’t the space for a bed nook but you don’t want to miss out on having a grown up daytime space, and a place to entertain friends and throw a dinner party, then take a look at this clever idea.

This small apartment with raised bed panel is a great example of using all the available space – including the height of the room – to create a private bedroom in the same room as the daytime living room. Simply creating a raised floor above the seating area has made a place to put a bed, and created a great bookcase and storage in the pillars that support the bed above.

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If space is really tight then fitting a whole kitchen into a studio apartment can be tricky – and then you lose a lot of floor space; instead why not take inspiration from this fun concept kitchen – with a fold out screen that closes to hide the kitchen from view, and a table that folds down from the screen to create a grown up dining area.

very small apartment design ideas

If you’re using one room as all your rooms, but you want to screen off the bed area to make it feel a little more separate and create an area that’s more private, and less disturbed by the stimulus of the daytime room, then this is a great idea.

Create a screen that doesn’t box the room into dark ‘zones’ by using open backed shelving to create a barrier that still lets light through, and is a feature while also separating the spaces.

small studio apartment ideas

If your living area hasn’t space for a dining table, and your kitchen is tiny, you don’t have to miss out on a grown up place to sit and eat, or settle for living with eating your dinner from your lap in front of the TV.

This great little table has been created by building out from the window sill, expanding the surface, and tucking some bar stools below, to make just enough table space to eat at – and the added bonus of a view out of the window as you dine.

small apartment design ideas