Decorating a nursery is one of those pivotal moments in life, one which demonstrates the enormous change that becoming a parent brings. Whether you’re a first time parent or expecting your fourth child, each new baby is a blessing – and creating the perfect environment to settle your precious bundle to sleep is important to all new and expectant parents.

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Whether you want a colourful, creative nursery or a calm, quiet nursery there are thousands of ideas and products that can make your baby’s first room a lifelong memory.

Small nursery decor

If this is your first baby you might find that you’re not able to upgrade to a family home yet – and you’re still living in your one bedroom apartment.

If that’s the case you might start to panic that all you can offer your baby is a Harry Potter existence – a bed in a closet; but actually – that might not be as bad as you think. Check out the incredible solutions for limited space below – a closet, a crib and a little imagination have created the perfect, peaceful space for a baby to sleep, safe and surrounded by beautiful touches.

creative nursery for limited space

As you can see – two very different takes on the same idea, and two incredible end results – from the serenity of the first to the fun, functional bursts of colour in the second, there’s a way to make the best of a small space for every family.

Creative nursery lighting

An idea that often crops up in creating cosy nursery spaces is incorporating twinkling light, as beautiful as laying your baby to sleep beneath the stars, but without having to actually leave your child outdoors!

Instead why not look at this sweet idea for your black out blind; stamp out small holes or star shapes in the cloth then when you pull down the blind for nap time these peep holes will let through a little light that will twinkle in the nursery.

cosy nursery spaces is incorporating twinkling light

If the blackout blind stars aren’t your idea of style try these sparkling lights in the ceiling, set on a dimmer switch so that your baby can see the stars come out every night in true style.

cosy nursery spaces is incorporating sparkling lights in the ceilin

Our third tip for creative nursery decor is wall art; more than simply cute prints or family photos, there are some fantastically creative ways to perk up a plain wall.

This decorative tree with 3D blooms is a gorgeous way to create some interesting texture and colour in the nursery.

cosy nursery with 3D-flowers

And this decal with the added shelving is a brilliant way to display photos on your ‘family tree’.

cosy nursery incorporating family tree

Or take it a step further and make your whole tree three dimensional and create a beautiful centerpiece for the nursery with this cute way to display books.

tree bookcase

And if you’re looking for creative nursery bookcases to nurture a love of literature in your little bookworm how about this ingenious way to use guttering?

creative nursery bookcases

Nursery focal points

In years gone by our own cribs had traditional mobiles but times have changed, and there are more creative and colourful ways to create a focal point for your baby that will catch their eye from their cradle. Take a look at these wonderful bursts of colour.

more creative and colourful nursery

Beautiful beds for the nursery

As your precious bundle grows it’s nice to have a room that will grow with them – and where you once lay them to sleep in a crib your baby will one day be ready for a bigger bed – and when your nursery is ready to take your newborn through to a toddler bed or a single bed you can let your imagination run wild; you don’t need to settle for a basic bed-frame when you can tuck your child into bed in one of these incredible beds – safe in the knowledge that bedtime will never be a battle.

A carriage fit for the most regal little princess…

cinderella coach bed princess bedrooms

Or even a tree fort design in a themed bedroom to match your child’s favorite cartoon characters.

As you can see the world of nursery decor has come a long way in recent years, and there are a lot of ideas that will make your baby’s bedroom the most stylish in town, and give them an individual and beautiful space to rest, play and grow.

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