Making the best use of space when your kitchen is barely big enough to spin around in can be a challenge – but we like challenges.

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Here we’re going to talk you through five small kitchen space savers that will blow your mind, and make your small kitchen a super productive place to be.

The first suggestion we have is to think carefully about where you stow your things away. We all know drawer space in small kitchens is limited – and we don’t like to rummage through a drawer full of sharp knives when things have been crammed in there – but you might not want a chunky knife block taking up valuable counter top space.

This magnetic strip is the answer; it keeps your knives somewhere out of the way, tidy, easy to access and – most importantly – they’re safe.

magnetic strip

And it isn’t just your knives that can be stored on your walls. This next idea is not only very functional, but beautiful. You can use this as a great way to store pans in a small kitchen when there isn’t a lot of cupboard space on offer, and you’ve pretty much filled it with food.

The pegboard wall covering means that you can add hooks or shelves wherever you want, making this space super functional, and fun to play with – whatever you want to store.

pegboard wall covering

And take a look at this little space saver; the cupboard under the sink is usually a gathering place for dozens of cleaning products we never use – but this clever use of space means you have a proper place for a bin and recycling in a small kitchen.

The bin hooks to the door, the recycling boxes stack inside, and your waste handling can be done easily and efficiently.


Small kitchens usually mean that you can’t squeeze in a table to sit down to eat your meals – but sometimes there isn’t really a lot of space anywhere else to pop one either, and you really would prefer to eat at a table.

This clever folding table takes barely any space, and can lift up and be the perfect spot for some civilised dining before being folded right back away.


Often the dreaded ‘kitchen diner’ means that your kitchen is too small, and the dining area is just as bad – but this example shows that not only can your small kitchen feel plenty big enough, with ample workspace that doubles as a breakfast bar and some handy open storage that looks super stylish, you also don’t have to be afraid of some bold colour choices and design; this neat kitchen is tucked into the corner but has a fun, open feel.