Creating a fun and stylish kids room is a great project, and one that’s a lot of fun in the design and the lifestyle. Seeing your kids play and laugh, create and craft, and – of course – sleep and rest in the space you created for them is a joy unlike any other.

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As your children grow, though, what they need from their bedroom changes. Gone are the hours of tea parties, superhero games and nap times – in their place you have older children who are at school, and coming home with homework. And homework means that your kids are going to need their own study space.

Sure, you can pop your kids at the end of the dining table to do their homework, but it’s nicer for them to have a grown up study area in their bedroom where they can keep all their school books and projects, and dedicate themselves to their studies in an area that’s designed to inspire them to knuckle down and concentrate on their books.

We’ve got some great examples of kids study spaces and desks here – five fantastic ideas that will inspire your own designs, and make your studious children happy.

When your kids are still quite young you’ll probably still have a cot or cot-bed taking up space that you don’t need now that your little poppet is in a big kid bed – take a look at this creative idea, turning your cot-bed into a super cute desk for children with plenty of space for studying, artwork or reading their books.

A chic fancy and minimalist study area of kids design idea

If the room is quite small and you don’t have a lot of space in there for the cot-bed frame, or a traditional desk, as well as the big-kid bed you could think about something wall mounted, perhaps something that can close and tuck away and then fold down to reveal a cute little desk that doesn’t take up floor space.

stylish books storage

A lot of people choose a cabin bed with a desk built into the frame below – and these can come in a range of designs and styles. There’s some fairly standard flatpack designs that a lot of people opt for, like this one;

cabin bed with a desk built into the frame below

But there are ways to make even this simple idea far more stylish. Take a look at this gorgeous built in cabin bed, with storage, wardrobes, shelving and a beautiful spacious desk area for your older children to study at.

lavish small bedrrom ideas with stydy room furniture design

There are other ways to plan this kind of design that will be less permanent, so your kids can tuck the desk away when they aren’t studying for friends coming over, playing with other things, or just chilling out; this clever desk and bed design also comes with a second bed for sleepovers – the perfect kids study zone in a multifunctional bedroom that not only looks super cool but provides storage, study space and entertainment.

studying area under the bed in share kids room

Our last idea is an incredible way to store all those important school books, books kept for pleasure and more, and a book loving kid will love storing their text books in such a fun and stylish way; if floor space is at a premium look up – and store your books between roof beams!

stylish books storage

It looks so good it’s tempting to build some faux-beams just to copy this idea!

As you can see there’s a huge range of ideas to inspire you when you create a child’s study space.