Creating a colourful, fun home that sings will colour from all around you is a fab way to decorate when you’re a bright person who loves colour.

Making your living spaces and bedrooms colourful is fantastic – but then when it comes to the kitchen people often stick to the obvious wood and marble options, and don’t add in as much colour to a room that is used so often. It’s a shame to let your kitchen miss out on the fun – so we’re going to look at some fantastically fun kitchen ideas that bring bold colour in, and leave dull out!

The first idea, for those who want to introduce their colour in a smaller, more subtle way with a single statement piece, is this amazing idea. Rather than painting a feature wall why not make a feature of your oven – and choose something like this!

colorful kitchen ideas

Perhaps you’ve already settled for a more traditional looking oven, or you’ve moved into somewhere with a pretty new, great quality kitchen that you can’t quite bring yourself to start ripping out purely to add some colour.

If that’s the case then take a look at our next idea. This colourful kitchen has tied some bright features together with the same shade of green, which pops from a painted panel as a splash back above the kitchen units and is matched by the fantastic bright green stools at the breakfast bar. Adding in a little nature with the pretty flowers really brings the green to life.

If you are looking to install your own fresh, new kitchen then the world is your oyster; you needn’t settle for the traditional wooden units in natural colours. You don’t need to pick marble unit tops or surfaces. You can choose anything you want – and you could, if you wished, choose something like this next example.

green colorful kitchen cabinet with chair modern storage theme ideas

Not only is this kitchen a cool shape and design, looking like some kind of geometrical toy, it’s also a bright, bold, sunshiny yellow. A gorgeous, cheerful colour that makes the kitchen feel fun, bright and happy – the kind of place that’s a joy to cook in.

new colorful kitchen design

If you can’t install a colourful kitchen unit as bright as that or you don’t want to spend so much replacing the units when what’s in place already is great quality, but you do want to personalise the space and make it feel more like you there are other ways to bring colour into the space that can be changed as often as the mood takes you.

One such way is to pick up some paint and paint the doors of the kitchen units in some bright, fun colours – or even, like this example below, ALL the bright, fun colours! You don’t have to box yourself into one choice when you could instead go for a wide variety – a rainbow kitchen.

colorful kitchen ideas

If you don’t want to do something quite that drastic – or if you’re in a rental home and aren’t allowed to do things like paint your cabinets, or even the walls, then there are other ways to bring colour into every room – even the kitchen.

One such way is to choose accessories in the same colours and make a theme of the items on display in your kitchen.

Here we show some suggestions for a green themed kitchen – as you can see, there are a wide range of kitchen items that you can put together to tie the whole room together in a more subtle way, and still get the look you want.

lime green kitchen accessories

Adding pops of color to your kitchen can be great fun – why not take a look at your kitchen and see if any of our examples have inspired you to make it a more colorful space.