Shabby chic decor are glamorous to be applied in any bedroom range from kids, teenage or master bedroom. Some application and improvement with shabby touch will create classic and elegant accent in the bedroom. Cloth material arrangement surround the bedroom will increase classic accent in the shabby bedroom layout. Not only new cloth material which can be applied, but the old, plain, and even improvement cloth also can be applied to give shabby accent. And today we provide you are several greatest and easy ideas which can be the greatest inspiration to create your own at home. Take look at the following pictures.

Iron bed with curving shape on the bed head and foot looks so old and suitable to create simple shabby decor. This curved bed is compatible to the white curved window frame shape in this warm bedroom. With white color on the ceiling, wood floor in dark brown color, and chocolate milk color on the entire of the bedroom wall makes this bedroom looks warm and classic with the nature color. Shabby chic bedroom ideasLight blue looks soft as the plain bed sheet and pillows color, different cloth in various colors such as: pink, white, blue, cream, and light brown are arranged on the bed as blanket. Long and patterned cushions are arranged on the bed in light brown color as the blanket. There is a ring frame above the bed and large white curtain with lace hang surround the ring to cover the head bed part as mosquito net.

Pink and cream shabby chic bedroom colorSolid wooden bed looks classic with rectangle wood plank on the head bed and pink rose flower motif on the blanket. Cream and pink color dominates the entire wall in the room. With its unique ceiling shape and wood floor in this bedroom gives classic and ancient accent on it. White glass framed window behind the bed and white glass framed swing door in the left side of room accommodate the natural lighting and fresh air circulation for this shabby room. A big unique brash chandelier is installed on the ceiling in the foot bed area. Cream satin curtain hang on each side of window. Wooden cabinet and bedside has the same color as the bed so that they look matches each other. Large brown wool rug is put under the chandelier with cream throw pillow on it.

Luxury shabby chic bedroom ideas with 4 poles

The next is luxury shabby chic bedroom with four poles bed. The entire of the bed poles covered with white and golden cloth as like drapery on the windows. On the bed roof, this white cloth is sewed in pleated style to make it looks feminine. As the bed sheet, white color with patterned blanket make it has more classic accent. White cabinet is placed on the bed foot to store white fur table lamp and white photo frame on it. Wooden antique table lamp is located on the bedside as bedroom lighting. White unique painting frame hung on the wall behind the bed, red rose flower arrangement painting is the best choice to beautify the white bedroom.

Shabby chic bedroom ideas for girlsThe last is a shabby chic bedroom for girls. A single luxurious and classic white bed designed with curving shape on the bed head. There is a special pattern on the foot bed which is the same as the open shelf bedside pattern in the left side of bed. Soft blue paint is applied on the wall behind the bed between the white framed windows. The other wall except that wall is applied in white color to give wider and natural lighting accent in this bedroom. Square soft blue wool rug is placed on the wood floor in front of the bed to fit the soft blue wall.