So you’re looking to induce some romance into your life? If the answer is yes, you’re at the right place as we decided to display some awesome romantic lighting ideas for bedrooms. A bedroom without sufficient lighting would look bland. However, if you make mistakes and choose lighting that doesn’t suit your bedroom, it might look glaring and flashy. Therefore, choosing the right fixtures is as important as designing the bedroom itself. There are tons of romantic lighting ideas for bedrooms and you can take a look at various pictures shown below to choose what’s best for you. Go ahead and set the mood with these awesome bedroom lighting ideas.

Dim lights

dim light for bedroom

For many people, the magic begins with a few lighting fixtures that aren’t flashy. Anyone would love to experience soft dim lights in the bedroom as it somehow increases intimacy. Dimming the light is probably the simplest way to set a romantic mood. You can find such dimmers in various stores and ask the electrician to install it. In addition, you can also purchase controlled dimmers and won’t have to mess with the lighting.

Play with colors

colorful bedroom design idea

If you’re someone who loves bright colors, you can mix different colors in your bedroom too. As you can see in this picture, it showcases different colors blending to create an ethereal effect, but you can choose other colors like soft pink and other mute shades to light up your bedroom.

Less is more

romantic lighting idea for bedroom

When it comes to romantic lighting ideas for bedrooms, you must remember that you shouldn’t use too many light fixtures. Notice how the bed is illuminated softly to create a stunning effect in the picture. Twin lamp shades nesting on both the sides of the headboard contribute to the romantic mood too. The curtains are also glowing due to the string of lights installed. If you choose the right fixtures, you can create an amazing environment too.

String of lights

strings of lights

Choosing the right romantic lighting for bedroom is simple if you understand what you really want. Here, a string of light is used to illuminate the bedroom and though numerous small lights are used, they don’t ruin the mood set in the room. LED lights have always been popular as they are usually used in various restaurants. They were expensive a while ago but as the prices have dropped a bit, many people use LED lights to decorate their houses, especially the bedrooms.

Twinkling lights

twinkling lights

These twinkle lights make the bedroom appear extremely romantic, isn’t it? If you take precautionary measures to use the lights well in a closed space, such as your bedroom, you can try this at home too. Again, you can see strings of lights that are really popular nowadays.

As shown above, there are various romantic bedroom lighting ideas. You can also browse through the internet for numerous other lighting ideas. The only thing you need to remember is that you need to be careful with the lighting since you’re going to be using them in a closed space. Apart from the lighting, you can also set the mood by using flowers and candles. If you have a special occasion coming up, remember to try any of these romantic bedroom lighting ideas to inject some spice in your love life!