Are you aware about the secret interior design ideas for a space with slanted wall in your home? Decorating a space with slanted wall might appear to be really challenging; but, in reality, it is absolute fun to execute awesome interior design ideas and voila! You have dramatically transformed the entire look and functionality of a space with slanted wall.

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A slanted wall is not a defect in your living room! Therefore, do not always convert a space with slanted wall to a storage room. This space can be aesthetically utilized with wall arts or other interior design ideas.

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Slanted walls can ideally be used to display wall arts.

The best thing about decorating a slanted wall is that you can go as high as you want. The slope offers a huge space for wall arts, which adds color and vibrancy to the entire space with a slanted wall. A slanted wall with wall arts can form a beautiful background of a vibrantly-colored couch placed against it.

You can make such spaces lively and interesting, where you can relax or read at your leisure. It is very important to have the correct balance of light and color in such spaces. As in this picture, the splashes of color in the wall arts seem to echo everywhere- in the books, in the fabric and in a contemporary lamp shade. The light from the side-lamps and the hanging pendant help in maintaining balanced color-play in the room.

Do keep in mind that the wall arts should complement the decor of the space with slanted wall, as shown in this picture. The decor of this space is predominantly done in white and brown- and these are precisely the colors that are reflected in the wall art of the slanted wall.

Wood floors give a striking character to a space with slanted walls- like this attic bedroom

wooden attic bedroom

The warmth and coziness that wood floors exude is matchless and it renders a very rustic feel to this space with a slanted wall. The slanted walls of this bedroom have a shutter design supported by beams. The back wall has been decorated with wall arts to personalize the room. Although this is a very small space; yet, it has been utilized in an immensely practical and creative way. The pure wooden interior of this small attic bedroom would make it appear really dark, if it wasn’t for the back wall window. Thus, having a window in such spaces is one of the most brilliant interior design ideas for spaces with slanted walls.

Decorating living room

Decorating living room with slanted walls isn’t as mind-boggling as it seems! You need to sit down and make a rough sketch of the room layout, even if you are not a great artist. It is easy to visualize things this way then frustrating yourself by merely staring at an open space with slanted walls.

angled walls

This living room is perfectly balanced albeit it has slanted walls. Isn’t it? There is no reason why you should hesitate in transforming a space with slanted walls into a living room.

By dividing the area into three zones, decorating living room has been made innovative and highly functional. The middle zone has been decorated with an L-shaped sofa with coffee table and side table. The space with slanted wall on one end has been utilized for storage and placing the TV unit; while the opposite zone with the slanted wall has been made functional by placing low-height sofas.

The most interesting feature of this living room is the window in the slanted wall, which makes the perfect backdrop for the low-height sofas placed against it.

Keeping in view the hike in carpet prices

Keeping in view the hike in carpet prices, you might be dissuaded from buying one for a space with slanted wall in your house. But the way a carpet can transform the entire room is stunning-provided you choose the right color combination. As for the carpet prices, they may vary from very expensive to reasonably affordable- but do remember that the best interior design ideas do not necessarily make a hole in your pocket!

Placing a couch and two lone chairs against the windows in the slanted walls would really stand out, if you cover the floor with a black and white striped carpet. The stark color combination will definitely make it stand out and give the entire space an edge.

Whether you are decorating living room or study- carpets can enhance the beauty and feel of the room and make it look warm and inviting.

Can you think of a space with slanted walls in your house that has been ignored all this time? Don’t waste that space and use your creativity and our amazing interior design ideas to beautify it. By using wall arts and wood floors, you can increase the functionality and beauty of that room. Revive such spaces and make them livable!

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