There is something about rustic. Some people can not resist it, while others have the opposite feelings. But nobody is indifferent to it. If you do not live in the mountains or countryside it might be over the top to decorate your whole space in this style. But if you are always stunned with great pieces, you can consider giving some rustic feel to your living space. Rustic is not only equaled to traditional any more. There are some interesting solutions you could incorporate even to a modern design. Just be prepared well and use your imagination. The right solution is in the between

pay attention to the ceiling

So, if you don’t live in a cottage or a traditional rustic house, you can do some changes o organize a small space at your home in rustic style. Sometimes a ceiling is good for this. If you already have a construction in wood, do not be afraid to show it. If only one constructional element like a wall or only piles is rustic this could be enough. If it doesn’t work for you and you would like to try something more creative, implement some rough timber parts as false construction elements like door lintels, or use them simply as décor, attaching them on the wall, let’s say, instead of the pictures. Make your own creation.

Rustic Log Vanity In Bathroom

Also a good solution for this is to apply them to the ceiling as a false wooden construction. If you are doing this, be aware of proper distance of the wooden beams. If you are ready for more work you can make a false ceiling of boards.

wooden rustic furniture

For covering a terrace, a great solution is to have some wooden beams as a construction that holds a light covering. Order the beams in a not so correct array to accomplish a more rustic impression. It would be an enjoyment to have some relaxing time in a shade of that canopy.

Rustic Flavor Lighting Fixtures

 But what about furniture?

This is the easiest way in theory, but in practice, you will have to search a lot to find a valuable piece. Small differences sometimes seem crucial. You will know when it is the right one, so just keep looking. Because the natural wood furniture is usually hand-made and the pieces can look similar but lots of differences are shown in colors, shades, natural patterns of wood; because, every wood is different. The whole kitchen could be furnished in rustic design, but this would be the most obvious solution. If you add a rustic vanity in your bathroom, this would be an advanced option.

Dining room is a great space to show your taste. Because rustic end tables are the best choice if you consider a dining room as a central place of the home, what it would be if it is up to tradition. Those rustic dining tables look massive and would symbolize the power and unity of a family. Combine them with non-polished wooden chairs and you will get a pleasant gathering place for your family.

rustic wall art

You could also be creative in your bedroom. Beds with rustic headboards are great and just enough rustic that you wouldn’t have to bother adding some more elements to the room to follow the style. If you only want to do some changes, excluding your bed, you could add some wooden decoration to the wall or, even better, make some yourself.