Coming up with home decoration ideas for a space with slanted walls can be a challenge. Most of the time these rooms become bedrooms for a youngest child, guests, or simply demoted to storage space because they can be difficult to beautify to the standards of the homeowner. We have five ideas for these undervalued spaces that will help you create a room you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come. Three of these interior decorating ideas will help you great the perfect bedroom for spaces that may otherwise feel confining for their occupant, the other two ideas are alternatives to the typical storage and bedroom standards that slanted wall rooms often become. Our home design ideas will ensure that next time you remodel, you get the dream home that you have always wanted, from the basement all the way up to the attic and everywhere in between.

Chic Man-Cave


I Hate Mondays


Rooms with slanted walls are also often smaller spaces. While this isn’t ideal for everyone, it’s great for a young adult who spends most of their time away at college, or a tenant who stays with you while working in a city during the week, but travels home on the weekend. We affectionately named this space “I hate Mondays” because the placement of the bed uses the angle of the wall to create a shadow from the window over the bed. This reduces the need for curtains because the bed’s occupant won’t be disturbed by the sun in the morning and will get to sleep in. This is a minimalist space with storage happening in small crawl spaces and a small bureau, though you could add floating shelves for trinkets or storage purposes for some very small items. Home interior design often forgets that “less is more” for some people and this space will satisfy those minimalists who are searching for a way to utilize their lost space in a meaningful fashion.

Nature’s Glory


Another bedroom idea for a small space with slanted walls utilized skylights. If the slanted area is extreme, placing the bed underneath skylights with a view offers an ever-changing view of nature. You can spot shapes in clouds, stargaze, and bird watch all from the same comfortable piece of furniture. This makes a great guest space if your area will only fit a double bed. Painting an area with an many angles as this particular space can be tricky, you might want to consider wall decals, or techniques to adhere fabric to walls to accent areas that you want eyes on.



This room features a skylight as well, but in this space the skylight runs with the bed highlighting it. This is a great idea if your skylight faces south in a cold climate to reduce heating costs, or north in a hot climate to reduce cooling costs. Either way the view to the heavens will be lovely for the room’s occupant. When deciding to design a room, it’s important to remember that the direction the windows face will affect the functional use of the room. If this room is in a hot climate at the skylight faces south it may not be a good choice for a bedroom, unless you are able to cool it well before you intend to sleep there. Or if the nights are more cool than the days and there is no intention of remaining in the room during the hottest part of the day.

Rustic Retreat


Our final suggestion for a slanted ceiling space is a rustic version of an office. The low area is great for filing cabinets and shelves for knickknacks, and if you have a skylight that will offer maximum sunlight you can keep an eye on the time and reduce your need for lighting an office while you work. This room has lovely warm woods which help the space appear more open and inviting.

Slanted walls and ceiling can be a designer’s nightmare. While they often improve the exterior of the home they pose a challenge for the beauty of the interior when not done well. We hope that these five ideas have left you with some tips and some inspiration for opening up the often forgotten space in your home.