Making the best of a space when the room has slanted walls or ceilings can be challenging – but we have some very creative examples of ways that slanted walls have been made into design features or interesting quirks rather than limitations on a space.

The first idea we’re looking at is a way to be sure there’s plenty of bed space, a bright and airy feel to the room, and incorporating modern colour choices, neat bedside tables and displaying some favourite family photographs without cluttering up the space.

This room has a bed centred between two slanted walls – and a bedroom with slanted walls can be a challenge – meaning that the light fitting can be centred over the bed, making for a functional, bright space.



Fitting a wardrobe or handy storage into a room with a slanted wall can be challenging – but we still want plenty of places to stow away our belongings and hang our clothes to be sure they’re neat and tidy.

This example shows a wonderful built in closet, using the slanted wall as a design feature through the storage by running the same bold wallpaper behind the cabinets, giving them a more spacious feel.


If you’re planning to turn your loft room into a playroom or kids bedroom but there’s a slanted wall that makes the space feel a little cramped don’t try to box it off and lose even more floorspace – instead take a look at this bright and fun design for a slanted wall.

The bright carpet runs high into the edges of the space, and a huge, bright feature wall has been painted with a rainbow to give the lucky children who live here the illusion of lying beneath their very own lucky rainbow as they play.

This is a fun slanted wall design that children of all ages will love.



If your slanted wall makes the edges of your room feel gloomy and you’re forever bumping your head as you move around you need a fun way to make a feature of the wall, and to remind yourself to mind your head in that part of the room.

This fun use of bunting has made a slanted wall feature that’s colourful, creative and fun and the bright, colourful flags catch the eye and remind you that the area has less headroom than the rest of the room.

painted room design

If you’re a fan of big, bold window dressings and don’t want to lose out on curtains just because your slanted wall window means curtains would just hang at a funny angle take a look at the next idea we found.

Most skylights or roof windows have blinds fitted to block the light and give the occupant privacy – but this isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Here the slanted wall has  a curtain rail with bright, bold curtains to dress the window, but there’s a second rail at the bottom of the window frame to hold the curtain flush to the wall, allowing the extra length to fall and gather on the floor, making a gorgeous feature that’s a different take on dressing a slanted wall window.