If you have inherited your Grandmother’s china but don’t want to let it be wasted by sitting in a cabinet we have some fantastic ideas to up cycle and reuse your fine china plate in your home so that it’s displayed every day, in interesting ways.

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The first idea is one that is as charming as it is useful. What could be more quaint than creating a china cake stand from old plates for your high tea?

China Plate Cake

And as a fabulous centre piece for any home that will be a real talking point take a look at our next idea.

 A few simple holes and a little glue to stack your old china together and add an electric wire and light fitting brings your china tea set out of the cabinet and into prime position with this clever china lamp.

china plate decoration ideas

If you want a functional piece that will put a smile on your face every time you look at it – and is useful every day, a great many times, then take a look at this idea.

A clock fitting is a cheap addition and one simple hole drilled through the plate’s centre and you have a quirky, fun up cycled china plates clock to hang on your wall.

clock fitting on china plate

If you like fine china plates, and like to display it, but your cabinet space is limited and you aren’t sure how to best show off your collection then we have found a fabulously creative idea using tea cups and saucers.

These china teacup light fittings are a super cute, quirky idea that everyone will love that will make a fun feature for a dining room or kitchen. What better way to entertain friends for a tea party than with fun themed lighting.

china teacup light fittings

If you have a collection of plates, but no matching sets, and you want a way to display them that’s a little more exciting than the wall-mounted selection our grandparents all displayed, shake it up a little and add some hand painted details, flowers or pictures inspired by nature and the world around you – tie your plate display into the things you’re passionate about and make it a real

wall decor by china plates

There are so many fun ways to use old china in your home in new and interesting ways, and there’s no reason to let it collect dust in a cabinet where it isn’t enjoyed and loved the way it deserves to be feature.