Spiral staircase design is commonly built to represent the luxurious accent in the house also one of many solution to saving space. With spiral shape of stairs, it can be placed in the corner or even in the middle of the house. Numerous styles or material combination to make this spiral staircase can be selected to create unique, minimalist, modern, or classic spiral staircase according to the house style. Various styles and ideas are interested to be applied to make your guests impressed. The following are several spiral staircase models which can be your inspiration.

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Luxury spiral staircase from Edilco

The first spiral staircase ideas looks so beautiful and luxurious. This spiral staircase does not have hand grip in its side. Wooden stairs with dark brown natural wood color is suitable to the wood floor with same color; this staircase looks simple but modern. Thin white stair wall in each side of the staircase is set higher than the stairs. White brown spiral staircase designs by EdilcoThis thin wall follows the spiral shape of staircase beautifully, so that it looks so fit to this single staircase in the corner of the house. This spiral staircase looks natural in front of large glass window with garden scenery. Great job from Edilco as the architecture.

The backbone inspire

Unique wooden spiral staircase design with backbone shappedHave you ever seen your backbone? This spiral staircase design really looks like backbone which is set in spiral way. This backbone spiral staircase is made by wood and painted in natural wood color. It is installed under a big hole to connect the first floor to upper floor beyond the hole. Floating spiral stainless steel stick is set to follow the spiral shape of staircase. This floating hand grip looks unique and uncommon. There is no wall in each side of the stair to connect the stairs into the hand grip; this is the reason why the hand grip is called as floating hand grip. Wooden is neutral material which dominate this spiral staircase, it makes this staircase is compatible to be installed in the room. Especially the modern house which uses glass as its wall.

Modern and minimalist design

Contemporary spiral staircase designs

The third spiral staircase design is contemporary style which commonly used as spiral staircase options. Black metal hand grip surrounds the unique staircase pole in the middle. This metal hand grip is set as standard height stair wall; cage style is set as the wall. The stair planks are made from wood; they are arranged in order from the first floor and disappear in the hole to the next floor above it. This simple contemporary spiral staircase design would be suitable to apply in any home decoration ideas. Especially for small house which does not have much space to install common staircase or fantastic staircase with modern minimalist model.

Classic wooden staircase

Classic wooden spiral staircase designsThe last spiral staircase design is suitable in large house with classic and modern nuance which will be created by this staircase. Wood and glass become material combination in making this spiral staircase. A big hole on the ceiling looks unique with wooden border surround the hole. Wooden spiral staircase installed without propping pole in the middle. To connect the wooden stairs into wooden hand grip stick, glass wall stair looks so adorable as material combination in this staircase. The stairs are colored in white so that the spiral staircase can match the room theme color with dominating color, white and brown.