The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a house. Every day, people use the kitchen to cook their daily meals since morning until the evening. Therefore, it is one of the best and most important places to design. The countertops are where all the magic happened. Most people use the countertops for the preparation of food and sometimes even eating on them. Therefore, there is a huge need to make it stylish in a way.

There are many designs that have been developed to suit the countertops in the kitchen. Below is a list of the best unique kitchen countertops.

kitchen countertop

This kitchen countertop has a very neat and beautiful look which illuminates the kitchen. It appears to have separately stacked volume and the color blends with the units in the kitchen. It is perfectly suitable for an apartment where the kitchen is joined with the sitting room as it brightens up the place.

countertop efficient for a squeezed up apartment

Nicknamed “The Cut”, the units in the countertop can be reconfigured to simulate a different setting if need be. It also has a slide-away table that is neatly tucked inconspicuously cut through the middle of the central block. This kind of countertop is efficient for a squeezed up apartment.

movable countertop

This countertop is very unique in its shape. It is concealed in a metal crate that is movable. The ability of mobility of the countertop is very unique as it makes it easy for anyone to situate it anywhere when they decide to change the cooking place.

counter made of textured glass

This countertop provides a unique setting. The counter is made of textured glass that allows the light to be scattered everywhere when lit. It also has the look as if water is flowing in the counter.

LED countertop

Looking for one of the most unique countertop for a house? Then this will blow your mind. This is an LED countertop that is colored and adds a totally new dynamic to the kitchen. It can change the colors and can illuminate the house on a romantic dinner.

an amazing countertop

This is an amazing countertop which presents a delicate and subtle pattern to the dances on the backlit white crystal. This light is made to seem as if it is sunlight on the glaciers. It is totally unique and lovely.

creative countertop made of glass

This is one creative countertop. It is made of glass but differentiate by the art displayed on the glass which presents an artistic feeling to the kitchen. This makes the cook feel as if he or she is an artist when cooking.

countertop perfect for a country house or apartment

This is a simple and clean design. It is made of wood and its simplicity is simply met with finesse. Perfect for a country house or apartment somewhere quiet away from the city life.

natural countertop

This countertop presents a more rugged look to the kitchen. It is very natural and has crisp contemporary units which contrast with its look. Matches well with bright colored kitchens.

countertop with small trash hole

Most times, it is the little things that make the countertop look unique. This countertop has a small trash hole made on it to make it easy for the cook to throw away the cutoffs with ease.

unique countertop with slide top

This is one unique countertop. It provides space for the cook to plant some important herbs that may be useful in cooking. It also has a slide top which makes it easy for the cook to trash the non-important cooking stuff.

countertop with extended surface

This countertop has an extended surface which is attached to a breakfast nook. This allows you to make breakfast and be able to serve it in the same place. This offers a unique set up for the kitchen.

countertop offering a prestigious and unique look for a formal dining set up

This countertop offers a prestigious and unique look for a formal dining set up. The counter allows the family or anyone to have a family gathering at a central place.

countertop accompanied with a staircase

This is a counter top which also accompanied with a staircase. This makes it easy to place in a corner. This is a suitable countertop for a place that has limited space. Just make sure not to work on it when people have walked on it.

countertop for limited space

For those who love a simplistic design, this is the countertop to go with. It is also effective for a house that has limited space. The entire itinerary is placed in a slide out cabinet that is partitioned.

countertop designed by Toncelli

This countertop is an essential kitchen designed by Toncelli. It has a surface made of olive wood and it has electronic slides which then reveal the stainless steel for the food preparations and cooking zone which then doubles the work area.

very unique adjustable countertop

This is a unique countertop which is very adjustable according to the height. This is very easily done by the push of the button. It can be used for any height, be it taking breakfast as you read the morning paper or preparing food.

countertop with wireless charging ports

In this time and era where we cannot live without our mobile gadgetry, wireless charging ports are the in thing and ideal. This Corian worktop is designed with people who need such countertops in their house.

futuristic style

This offers a futuristic style to the kitchen with the collection of electronic features. It has a top which integrates around 2,000 LEDs, an inbuilt membrane that is able to keep the food warm for a longer period of time, and also a three scent dispensers.

very unique countertop which is fixed with pennies

This is a very unique countertop which is fixed with pennies. They are attached and then a glass membrane placed on top of them. This unique countertop is a very amazing to have.

unique countertop that is made of glass and attached with keys underneath

This is also a unique countertop that is made of glass and attached with keys underneath. It looks amazing for a quiet dinner with family and friends.

The Prisma

This countertop is known as the Prisma. It provides a good kitchen concept which was made by the designer Toncelli. It has a cutting board slider which is integrated with a Samsung Galaxy tablet.

very unique countertop designed by Toncelli

This countertop was also designed by Toncelli and it is very unique. It provides a smart kitchen concept and fully integrated with a touchscreen and also internet connection.

countertop with concept of Microsoft

This is very unique and the countertop has the concept of Microsoft’ vision for a futuristic home. Grace, this is a Microsoft home computer, is able to suggest the dishes to cook and even provides the recipes ingredients required and the tools to use.

an interactive countertop designed by whirlpool

This interactive cooktop that is designed by whirlpool is an interactive countertop. It has futuristic ideas is provided easily. With the use of induction hunting, it is able to remain cool. It also integrated with an overhead projector which displays the content on the counter.