People who are interested in buying a new home or renovating one or in the mood of construction have set their priorities as per their own interests. The interests varies with the level of the comfort one desires and budget one is ready to spend. The level of comfort is generally desired in the bedrooms and the bathrooms, the more luxurious they are, the more comfort they will offer. Bathrooms designs have come a long way in term of their designs and the accessories. Using the certain accessories may not be a matter of choice for few but if they become a chance, then surely they are all set to the steal the hearts of many. Here are a few that can help achieve the luxury that one can enable his bathroom to possess:-

Under floor Heating

It is common feeling that cold tiles do not feel comfortable at all times. Wearing the bathroom slippers is certainly not everyone looks forward to doing every day. In this case, the luxury is offered by under floor heating system. The said system is best if the temperature can be effectively controlled as per to the temperature of the tiling with respect to the summers and the winters.

Hanging Plants

Bathrooms serve as one of the best places to keep plants. The luxury bathrooms must have at least a small window or place for keeping at least one plant within it. Note that the plant in this case should be natural and not artificial. It’s just the matter of having a small amount of light that should fall on the plant as well as the moist air that is already present in plenty.

Hanging Plants

Spa instead of Bath

Ever thought of having a spa than the bath? Well if you have done so, then the same may be achieved easily by installing the bubbles motor in a place where the noise is less distracting and more effective. The bubbles are one of the best ways to keep the aches away.


Bathroom Entertainment

The modern trends in the interior designs have no bounds. It is very rare that anything you think of cannot be placed there. Same is true in case of luxurious bathrooms. Having a Jacuzzi inside the bathrooms is the best place that can be used for the entertainment purpose. It however completely depends on your taste whether you like books in the form of a small library or a television or it may even be a light background score that soothes your nerve.


Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails are not only functional but also add the element of elegance to the luxury afforded by the bathrooms. the wall mounted railings are the best to possess. There are different brands in the market that offer such luxury. Same information may be extracted from the online interior design websites.

heated towel rails

Romantic Bathroom Lightings

The overall luxury will have a multiplied effect when the lighting sets the stage as romantic as possible. The lighting should be very formal and not very bright. The luxury needs a tone that is a little shady yet sophisticated. The typical brightness is just not recommended.

romantic bathroom lightings

 Natural Stone and Marble

The era of tiles is long gone. The luxury speaks of the items that reflect beauty and naturalist effect on the very first instant. The same should be selected for such bathrooms that should reverberate the feeling of the nature around you. It is soothing as well as wild in its own effect.

natural stone bathroom ideas

Bath Pillows

Suction cup cushions have become the norm of the luxurious bathrooms.

Bath Pillows

Bath Chandeliers

Chandeliers have not been commonly placed in the bathroom. But have you ever thought of one? If so, then go ahead and select one for your bathroom as per to its size and it will certainly look fantastic and very fancy indeed.

bathroom chandeliers

2 Basin Bath

Generally we have always witnessed one basin. The luxury asks for a little more. 2 basins are indeed a new look and new concept in vogue these days. They are well equipped if the space is wide enough for them.

2 basin bath

Bathroom with a View

It is very rare to have your bath room in a location where it offers a beautiful view. Lying in the Jacuzzi at the sunset will certainly be the scene that you may crave to have a look at. It is not feasible in most of the cases but if so, it surely brings the luxury to the complete setting of the bathroom

bathroom with a view

Spacious Bathrooms

Space and more space is just what the luxury demands. The more the space is present, the more relaxing effect the bathroom will have on you. Hence, it is better to have more spacious bathroom so as to create the relaxing effect and the atmosphere.

spacious bathroom


This bathroom design is usually black in color. Accessories used in this design are light in color that give sophistication and elegance to the bathroom.


Italian bath

This bathroom design consists of royal accessories that are a bit contemporary and modern. You will always find them ideal to be used as a bathroom style.

Italian Bathroom

Villager beauty

You will find it traditional and contemporary that is always suitable for your bathroom.

Villager beauty

It is interesting how the ideas have come up to create the luxury that everyone dreams of. The interior designers’ world is surely here to provide the luxury that one needs to have around him in a way that he wants it to be.