Simple plan Jars can be used as a decor and they can gives a beautiful look to the area where placed.  Here are 15 DIY Mason Jars craft ideas that can give a n excellent transformation to your plan jars.

1. Halloween Mason Jar

Love with creating mason jar crafts? Try to make this. Details

2. DIY Pumpkin Jars

The fall decor is just released without having those cute pumpkins in your house. Details

3. Mason Jar Ghost 

Make this adorable and easy mason jar ghost in minutes. Details

4. Knob masons

It is a great way to decorate these jars with small knobs of glass. It will give a glossy touch to your decor. Details

5. Jar with Beach theme

Mason jar can be easily transformed into a Sea themed décor that gives a feeling of beach. Details

6. DIY Pine Cone Flower

A perfect kind of possessions to be turned into the vases and the plant holders. Details

7. DIY Mason Jar Turkey

Grab a mini jar, fill it with your favorite candies, cut out leaves or petals and glue them to the back of the jar. Details

8. Halloween Spider Light Centerpiece

Get the most out of your Halloween decorations by creating something a little creepy and fun. Details

9. Mummy Mason Jars

Adorable decoration for Halloween you will surely love this. Details

10. Mason Flower pot

These amazing mason flower pots are just made by simple jar. Just paint them, and its done. Details

11. Jar as amazing Prism

With little glass decorative items, you can make a prism jar that looks outstanding. Details

12. Cheerful Pencil Pots

Mason jar you can also use as a container of your stationery that may have been too much or scattered everywhere. Details

13. DIY Acorn Mason Jar Votives

Candle votive are just the most delightful decorations for any of the event and celebrations. Details

14. DIY Maple Leaf Mason Jars

The fall inspired mason jar can be created in a lot of fun and decorative ways like these adorable maple leaf mason jars. Details

15. Minion Jar for gift

This beautiful small minion can be a good gift for someone. Details