Your house is where your heart is. One person works his entire life, day in, day out, in order to build his/her dream house. But, maintaining a house becomes a bigger challenge once the house is built.

Here are some Genius tips to maintain your house clean.




Best Way to Clean Baseboards

Best Way to Clean Baseboards

Best Way to Clean Baseboards


#1 Homemade Glass Cleaner – 

Glasses are an elementary part of any house. They not only enhance the beauty of the house but also provide you vision which makes you feel Aww. But, there are two sides of a coin. They also get dirty very soon, because of the dust, surroundings and regular activities.


Here’s how you can clean the glasses of your house and restore them to their original state.

Glass Cleaner


#2 Cooker Cleaner – 

Cookers are used more than often in any household. And their tendency to get dirty is none the less. Even a beautiful cooker, of the premium brand can look dirty if not cleaned properly.


Here’s how you can clean your cooker.

Cooker Cleaner


#3 Couch Cleaner – 

Every time, when a guest enters your house, the first thing his eyes goes onto is your Couch. Even when you have a holiday, or look to relax and have some fun, it is the couch that you sit onto. If your couch is not clean, stained and unhygienic, it is nothing less than a disaster.


Here’s how you can clean your couch.

Couch Cleaner


#4 Window Track Cleaner –

Window tracks are that part of your house, that often gets ignored when cleaning your house, because of their stubbornness. Though it is difficult to clean these tracks, it is not impossible.


The way to master cleaning your window tracks.

Window Track Cleaner


#5 Stove filter Cleaner –

Stove Filter can often cause distress trouble. It can also affect its functionality.


Here’s how you can clean you stove filter like a pro.

Stove Filter Cleaner


#6 Bathroom Cleaner – 

Bathroom is an integral part of any house. It clearly affects the perception and the first image of your house. Having a clean bathroom is very essential and important. Both in health and ambiance perspective.


Here’s how you can master cleaning your bathroom.

Bathroom Cleaner


#7 Cloth Paint Remover – 

Getting a stain on your clothes is not a very delightful feeling. And getting a paint mark on your clothes is nothing less than a nightmare. Your clothes are the reflection of your personality. And you surely would like to maintain the same.

Find out how to get paint out of clothes at

Here’s how you can get rid of paint on your clothes.

Cloth Paint Remover


#8 Homemade Tub and Tile Cleaner – 

Tiles reflect the state of your house. If they are shiny and clean, it gratifies you. On the contrary, if they are dull and dirty, it terrifies you. Similarly, if your tub is in clean state, you love to use it, but if its dirty, you ignore to use it.


Here’s how you can clean your tub and tile like a pro.

Homemade Tub and Tile Cleaner


#9 Whiten yellow pillows –

Your pillows are your love. Each and every person likes to have their pillows clean and healthy. Some are even possessive about their pillows. Thus, a yellowish color on your white pillows definitely annoys you.


Here’s how you can restore your yellow white pillows to white pillows.

Whiten yellow pillows


#10 Reusable Dryer Sheets –

If your sheets are dried well and smell nicely, it’s a mesmerizing feeling. But, if they stink and are not cleaned properly, it surely causes distress.


Here’s how you can restore your sheets back to normal.

Sheets Cleaner and Dryer


#11 Toilet Freshener –

One of the most important parts of your house is your toilet. And one of the most important characteristics of a toilet is its odor. If your toilet smells well, you feel serene. But if your toilet stinks, you feel troubled.


Here’s how you can freshen up your toilet.

Toilet Freshening Bombs


#12 Grease Cleaner –

Yes, it often happens that you find grease on the doors of your kitchen, out of nowhere. This is because of its redundant usage and activities.


Here’s how you can completely clean grease from doors.

Door Grease Cleaner


#13 Copper Cleaner –

There are a lot of utensils, usually inherited from our ancestors which are made up of copper. These utensils are bound to catch rust. Thus, it is important to maintain such utensils.


Here’s how you can keep a check on your copper utensils.

Copper Cleaner