Looking for ideas for nooks in house? Here are tips on transforming odd and unutilized corner spaces in your home into useful and practical nooks.

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L shaped corners

L-shaped corners often go unutilized but these can make splendid reading corners, particularly, if that corner is well-lit with natural sunlight. A bench affixed to a chest of drawers shall provide you moments of reading pleasure, whenever you wish to take a break from your busy lifestyle.

nook inside the wall

The nooks do not always have to be on the ground. They can be inside the walls as well, as shown in this picture. It would ordinarily be ignored as a practical nook, or it might be treated as a boring storage space. Get creative and make such nooks reachable with the help of a ladder. Such nooks are sure to become your children’s favorite spots, so make sure you color it bright and make it look like a real fun place for them.

nook bedroom idea

Out of the several nook bedroom ideas, a window seat with an underneath storage unit would work best for most of you. It is a good idea to build storage around the windows and nestle in a cozy window seat in your bedroom, where you can relax and enjoy the sunset every day.

window nook ideas

We have more window nook ideas for you! If you are looking for something more comfortable than a window seat, think about having a luxurious day bed! Throw plenty of cushions on the bed and decorate the walls with colorful bottles to breathe life in the dead nooks of your house.

spice up the nook with colors

Spice up the nooks with colors! Do not try to hide the nooks as design faults of your house, but paint them with colors that suit the purpose of that nook. It is best to give them warm colors, if they are meant as secluding or relaxing places. If there are niches in the walls around the nook, use them for decorative purposes. You can dramatically revive a place even by hanging a simple frame on the wall. You would be lucky to have naturally-lit nooks, otherwise, don’t hesitate in opting for lighting solutions to light up the space.

window seat

You can choose to have a window seat anywhere in your house, as it would serve numerous different purposes throughout the day. Such nooks in your living rooms or dining rooms can give you extra seating space and an opportunity to look out of the window and enjoy the view. The neat storage unit under the window seat would definitely not go unutilized!

clever closet nook ideas

So you don’t have space for your own workstation in your house? With one of our clever closet nook ideas, you can transform a closet into your own workstation. Simply shut the closet doors when you are not using it, or when you feel that it is really cluttered. Now this is a really smart way of utilizing a nook, right in the middle of a room!

personalized our window nook ideas

You can personalize our window nook ideas by throwing in a rug in front of the window seat and perhaps place a chest of drawers next to it. Your chosen theme for that nook shall decide the color of the furniture and there you go!

dressing up your nook

Sometimes, all you need for dressing up your nook is a piece of artwork, some candles or colorful bottles or simple frames, as shown in this picture. If you choose not to color the nook and leave it neutral, then let it be. Give it a tinge of color with the help of few decorative items and see how your creativity transforms the mood of the nook!

nook in bathroom

Nooks in the bathrooms would look beautiful and extremely functional. Timber cladding of nooks would allow you to keep towels and other bathroom accessories in a visible place.

simple ideas of nooks

Color contrasts and wood features can take simple ideas of nooks in house to incredible sophistication. A warm palette like this should be complemented with neutral walls, to bring out the depth of this nook. This contemporary kitchen bench with high chairs fit in this nook so perfectly, as if this space were meant for it.

You can also brainstorm ideas for nooks in house keeping in mind the space and the purpose of such nooks. Just play a little with the color palettes and decide upon a theme- and your imagination will begin to churn up tons of images for nooks in your house!