You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy CARS. And that’s kind of same thing.

Your car is the most important thing to you after the basic necessities. Thus, It’s important to make sure it stays clean, hygienic and shiny. However, our day to day usage creates a lot of problems which needs to be dealt with.

Here are some of the best hacks that you MUST know in order to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your car.

#1 – Car Seats –

Your car seats is the most important place, as it’s the first thing that comes to vision while getting into a car. Imagine, you have not used your car for a couple of weeks or so, and you find your seats in extremely poor condition. What to do?


Here is what you can do in order to restore the condition of your seats.

Seat Cleaner

#2 Car Cup Holders –

Your car is not just a vehicle to drive, it is a place where you live when you are driving. Therefore, it must be very apt and should feel like new every-time. Imagine, your cup holders that you used last night while having snacks in your cars stinks and smells badly, how to get rid of them?


Here’s a what you can do in order to make them look brand new, Again!

Clean Cup Holders

#3 Shining Tires – Bliss – 

The first perception about you car is made by looking at the exterior of your car, and the tires are the most important part of your car exterior. What if they look dirty due to the dust and mud, and their shine keeps on diminishing?


Here’s how you can get your alloys shine like new.

Shine Your Car Alloys

#4 Car Odor –

One the worst feeling in the world in when you enter your car and it stinks badly. What you do can in such a situation?


Here’s how you can make your car smell like new and mesmerizing.

Enhance your car odor

#5  Car Scratch Remover – 

Your car scratches get more notice than its features. If your car is loaded up with scratches on its exterior, it will surely embarrass you.


Here how you can get rid of these scratches and make the exterior shiny.

Car Scratch fixer

#6 Bumper Sticker Headache –

Yes, removing bumper stickers from your car can be a headache. Moreover, the glue left after removing it and the spot left on the bumper can be a problem to deal with.

Bumper Sticker Headache

Bumper Sticker Headache

Here’s how you can get rid of these unwanted stickers without any spot left.

Bumper Sticker Remover

#7 Ice Remover – 

The weather can play a spoilsport for your car ride, when there’s a bunch of snow covering you car. In order to ride your car, it is mandatory to get rid of that ice.

Ice Remover

Ice Remover

Here’s how you can remove the unwanted ice from your car.

Car Ice Remover

#8 Interior Cleaning Wipes – 

Your car interior is bound to get dirty with constant usage and time. But, if it is cleaned every now then, it can be maintained just like a new one.

Interior Cleaning Wipes

Interior Cleaning Wipes

You can get your car interior cleaned following this.

Car Interior Cleaner

#9 Organizing your Car – 

Yes, organizing your car optimally can make a lot things easier, but is it possible?

Organizing your Car

Organizing your Car

Here are the best ways to organize your car.

Ways to Organize car

#10 Carpet Stain Remover – 

Sometimes, your carpet stain can become a headache due to frequent use. Getting the stain removed and maintain the hygiene can be a hectic task, but can be done using this.

Carpet Stain Remover

Carpet Stain Remover

Here’s how to get the stains removed.

Stains Remover

#11 Car Cleaning Guide – 

Cleaning your car is one uphill task for every weekend. And for a new car owner it can be even more tough.

Car Cleaning Guide

Car Cleaning Guide

Here’s a complete manual for cleaning you car.

Car Cleaning Guide

#12 Car Seat Stain Remover – 

A stain on the seat you your car can be bigger problem. It is something that revolves in your minds and keeps you troubled.

Car Seat Stain Remover

Car Seat Stain Remover

Yes, you can get rid of them using this method.

Car Seat Stain Remover

#13 Scratched Car Interior Plastic – 

A scratch on the interior plastic can be hectic and look ugly. It is something that is visible every time you get into your car and can be very unpleasant.

Scratched Car Interior Plastic

Scratched Car Interior Plastic

Here’s how you can fix this and make it look new, Again!

Fixing interior plastic scratch