Finesse and sophistication is what the home owners are looking for once they start constructing their homes and want the interior design of homes to echo such feelings. It shall be pertinent to highlight that industrial kitchens once were in vogue and has been in use for many years now. They may not be that common but they surely have an element of appeal attached to them once incorporated in the right manner. Here are the best 10 industrial kitchens that you may think of incorporating in your household:-

Caesar Stone Kitchen

The first concept in this regard is inculcating the earthly tone to the overall theme of the kitchen. Making the wall with bricks and let them play their rhythm of originality will set the aroma unique and aspiring indeed. More the kitchen is prone to sunlight; more area will be illuminated by natural light, adding vibrancy to the already earthy nature of the theme in a unique way. Use of slate grey with chalky white inscriptions will further set the tone. The fancy touch may well be given by the addition of unique fine aluminum furniture. The color for the furniture, if selected in contrast, will help to further give an alleviate feeling to the complete theme setting.


Carriage House Renovation

Do you want a separate kitchen or you want a kitchen with a table in it? Well, the choice is yours for the making. It is more elegant if the former is selected and more industrial if the latter is taken under consideration. Use of timber is rare when it comes to interior designs of kitchens. It is pertinent to highlight that timbers are rarely used in kitchens owing to their nonabrasive nature and non-resistant to moisture. There may come a time when they completely lose their shape. However, if at all, the same is true for the choice you make, then layering them parallel to each other on the ceiling is stylish and rather casual. Using the steel girders mounted on the steel like pillars will add unique element in contrast to that of timber which should generally be kept in its original color. The timber may well be replaced with the wood and keeping it in the same color is also equally important.


Chicago Urban Chick

What you feel in an industry is what you want your kitchen to echo. The contemporary interior design styles are also very much in vogue. How about using the natural wooden effect when it comes to construction of counters. It will look chick as well a sleek and more modern. The same setting can be uplifted by use of wooden textured tiles or it may even be of the wood, whatever you wish to opt for.


Eclectic Oakland Loaf

The use of certain fixtures within the elegance of today’s specially designed kitchens can help them give an industrial look. Use of fine wood and furniture coupled with uncoated wall of bricks and the ceiling be shabby by the use of same styled tiles is just what the industrial kitchen should look like.


Franklin Street Loft

The use of barn wood need not be ruled out. The additional elements of naked brick and fineness of stainless steel is extremely pure in contrast to the historic eclectic that barn wood adds to the overall scenario.


Industrial Kitchen

Using the white of bricks and the silver of the stainless steel gives a very sleek look to the complete setting, helping to divulge in the industriousness that the space should help evoke once the visitor sets its look on it.


Knoll Wood River Oaks

The stainless steel can also be very well disguised with the natural marbles in their own unique way. The best aspect of using the natural marbles is that it is original in color and gives the casual feeling of being surrounded by the natural elements.


Mountain Brook Renovation

The same kitchen can be look very distinguished in a way such that the chairs beside the counters are replaced with benches. The upholstery of the benches is the actual thing to play with which can be white. If white is prone to get dirty, the same white can be achieved by the use of leather or any other like material where the cleanliness does not pose a problem.


Stir Cooking Kitchen

The kitchen can even give a starry look when different colors are meshed together. The cabinets in dark purple, with wall mounted fixtures in contrast of red, blue and green. This color scheme will be very well exciting in certain ways and will live up to the fullest of vibrancies and uniqueness.


The Home of Stella and Joeri

Last, the most unique yet less applied is the pistachio walls with original brick work and stainless steel, considered as the favorite of the interior designer and the decorators. It is glamorous and yet the industrial that everybody desires to have within their kitchen aroma.