Leopards are one of those animals that are known for their ferocity and fast pace. People don them as status symbols. Designers are working hard to come up with such textures since the use of original fur is not allowed for such purposes as it is becoming extinct vastly. However, the said texture is being used for carpets, mats, shawls, and footwear and designer bags and as already mentioned, they are being donned by those who are cautious about their status symbols and show of wealth. The same concept has been applied with respect to interior designs of homes. Interior designs offered by theinterior designers and the decorators have worked their way well up in incorporating various styles and designs and the incorporation of leopard accent is one such style. Here are few styles that can complement the leopard accent as part of interior designs:-

Brook Line

A spacious room with plain walls and plain textured floor serves as the perfect setting for implementing the leopard accent. The walls may be of any color but plain textured with a very light tone. The same may be selected for the fabric of the furniture as well as for the bed sheets. The overall lighter tone sets the stage to vamped by dark tone of bold yellow and black accent. The darker tone will be pertinent to uplift the tone of the overall brightly lit room with the dark accent of leopard colors in contrast.

Leopard Bed Design

Coto De Caza

The lighter tone of the room is vital to incorporation of the leopard accent. The black frame bed is pertinent to the selection of such rooms where the complete setting in the room is of lighter tone. the black is automatically highlighted by the light effect, further aggravating the overall effect of the leopard skin bench if placed in front of the bed since the bench is going to be the only thing that will be in total contrast to the overall setting of the room, taking lead in the overall pronouncing effect.


Hawaiian Retreat

What if your interior designer selects the theme of the room as in brown shade? It will be very easy to mesh the leopard color with it. No matter whatever the space room offers, covering the bed with a bed sheet in such shade will give the entire room a classy touch of the leopard accent without having to take care of the overall room setting. The same can be easily selected using the online content of the interior designs for homes and for offices.


Historic Federal Hill Residence

t shall be pertinent to highlight that the leopard accent will be better complemented if there is one certain accessory that is in such shade. Complementing most of the stuff in leopard accent will depict itself in a more variety of having overdone and will not look good. For a room with smaller space, this is very much expected. Having walls coated with darker shade and a bright bed fabric also serves a perfect setting for the blanket to be in leopard accent. It will look bossier and the classy touch will be unique in its own way.


Italian Style

The Italians however have complemented the same accent in a different and in a unique way. The old school look is still in vogue with printed wall papers of lighter tone and brown fabric on the furniture as well as bed. Placing a contemporary style leopard accent bench or a sofa complements the theme in a unique and a classy way.


New Water Front Home

The leopard accent needs not to be focused harshly across the layout of the room. The simplistic design can be very well communicated in the similar tones using the leopard cushions and the leopard benches or the fabric of the sofa chairs.


Olympia Hills

Applying the tone of the leopard accent may not be restricted to the yellow and black only. Knowing the color combination is important in this regard. The wild nature of the color can be used in a distinguished manner by selecting the fabric of leopard texture but of various color combinations.


Pebble Beach

The leopard accent is perfectly implemented for the African theme. The African theme includes the use of wall textures which is a clear depiction of sunsets, trees and the swaying animals along the branches of the trees. The overall dark setting in yellow and black shades with leopard textured prints for fabrics forms the unique combination.


Ashley’s Bedroom Design

Addition of certain animals along with leopard textures is also unique in its own way. The wall mountings of reindeers on a plain wall coated with either light or dark shade sets the stage perfect for the displaying the leopard textures, either as wall mountings themselves or the fabrics of the furniture.


Erica Islas

Traditional Bedroom The same can be done by playing with certain accessories like the wall hangings, the frames of certain wooden fixtures and furniture’s as well as decoration pieces.