luxurious fabric beds

Rich colors and luxurious fabric can transform simple bedrooms into regal small bedrooms. The interesting pattern of the wall paper and fabric of this bedroom is ‘Chaillot’ from the Tamarind collection by Thibaut, a well known American wallpaper and fabric design firm. The chandelier by Osaka has taken the grandeur of this snuggly bed to another level.

snuggly bed

What makes a snuggly bed so inviting? Yes. Piles of cushions in different colors and textures. Straw furniture is a must-have in cozy cottage bedrooms, as shown in this picture. Even neutral colors can make your bedroom snuggly, if mixed and matched with different patterns and textures.

tactile wallpapers for bed

Choosing tactile wallpapers is one of the top cozy bedroom ideas because it makes an interesting backdrop of your snuggly bed. The colorful rug with zigzag patterns highlights the rich grey tactile wall paper by The Assembly Hall.

belgian tapestry forms

Invest in tapestries, even if you have small bedrooms to make them look really snuggly. The richness of the tapestry would transform your otherwise simple furniture. This 20th century Belgian tapestry forms an elegant backdrop of a snuggly bed with bright quilt cover and colorful cushions.

scandivian inspired bedroom

Cozy bedroom ideas are not always about creating a snuggly bed. The fireplace, arm chair, timber flooring and furry rugs are also needed to create the snuggly effect. Even small bedrooms can be decorated with fresh or artificial plants. This Scandinavian inspired small bedroom has been decorated mostly in white with a few splashes of bright colors that give it a touch of warmth and coziness.

children bedroom with wallpapers

Personalize your children’s small bedrooms with wallpapers. The black and white Iguana wallpaper is contrasted with the brightly colored fabric to highlight its effect. The warm and rich tones of wooden furniture and flooring make it look cozy and warm.

Nothing can beat the beauty of white cozy cottage bedrooms. All you need is a rich colored thick bedspread and a framed picture- and there you go! The unusual graphical display in this bedroom gives it a contemporary look, while retaining its snuggly beauty!

small bedroom with white furnishing

Small bedrooms look best in white furnishings and neutral toned flooring. A picture hanging above a shaker-style bed is perhaps the only decorative feature of this bedroom and this aspect becomes its striking feature. Go minimalist when you are dealing with small bedrooms because overcrowding it would only make it feel claustrophobic.

covering the floor with rich and dark colors

Covering the floor with dark and rich colors works well with white and neutral tones of the walls and furniture. The rich flooring gives defining quality to small bedrooms. As a rule of the thumb, go vertical when designing small bedrooms. The lamp affixed to the wall becomes a decorative feature and serves its purpose as well. The metallic flower vase also adds richness to this snuggly bed.

Japanese cozy bedroom ideas

Seek inspirations from Japanese cozy bedroom ideas. The simple lines of this bedroom make it peaceful; while the rich fabric and the use of timber lend it a feel of warmth. The hanging pendant and the frames hung vertically add interesting angles to this snuggly bed.

Designing small bedrooms shouldn’t restrict you due to their limited space. While it is true that you cannot place a lot of furniture in small bedrooms, yet you can do a lot about dressing up the walls with wallpapers and tapestries, and using interesting patterns and color palettes for your bed linen and floor coverings to make your bedrooms cozy and inviting.