Interior design for bathrooms isn’t based upon aesthetic value only. Your bathroom space needs to be designed after thoughtful consideration of your needs, available area, budget and usability. After all, you deserve awesome bathrooms where you can take a relaxing shower at the end of the day and feel pampered.

double shower

Double showers

If space allows, having a double shower room separated with a glass screen from the bathroom is one of the most awesome bathroom ideas. It can save a lot of time in the morning because you can share the shower space with your kids. However, the full length glass screen requires regular cleaning, but it’s worth the result. The glass screen also saves the rest of the space from water splashes.

wicker baskets

Wicker baskets

Interior design for bathroom incorporates fixed installations like sinks, bath tubs, tiles etc. with objects like wicker baskets, window shields, bath mats to balance and harmonize all the elements in a bathroom. Keeping wicker baskets for your laundry and towels is a great way to keep your bathroom clean and clutter free.

Circular Mirrors

Hanging a circular mirror in your bathroom gives it a break from the geometrical patterns and installations in a bathroom. This mirror is hung with a leather strap, a material that can bring warmth and texture to the interior design for bathroom. Combining contrasting features in a bathroom, like this mirror and hanging oak pendant light are among the most awesome bathroom ideas.

window dressing

Window dressing

Pay attention to the dressing of your windows. By choosing the right kind of window treatments like opaque blinds, you can reap the benefits of natural sunlight and even fresh air. Use the window ledges for decorative purposes, where you can keep candles, soaps, colorful bottles or just anything you fancy.

hook up

Hook up

Awesome bathrooms are incomplete without hooks. You can have hooks to add style and functionality to your bathrooms. Hooks offer a convenient place to hang your necklaces, towels, clothing or bags. It is also a great way of making your awesome bathrooms clutter free. The designs of the hooks create visual appeal and interest. Make sure you position the hooks well away from the splash zone, otherwise you would end up with soaked towels and clothing.

personalize the space

Personalize the space

Awesome bathroom ideas also include personalizing the space with features like hanging oak pendant lights or hanging marbles near the window. You can even place a framed post card on the ledge of the window or hang it on the wall. Such features move the eye towards the ceiling and create visual space in the bathroom. Awesome bathrooms are not just about expensive sanitary fittings, floor tiles and other installations. The interior design for bathroom is incomplete without giving it a personal touch.

attractive cabinetry


Attractive cabinetry

Dull and boring looking cabinetry never helps in creating awesome bathrooms. Apart from being functional, try to choose such cabinetry that becomes a decorative feature of your bathroom. A mix of open and closed shelving unit, like the one shown in this picture, is ideal for displaying fancy perfume bottles, jewelry box, and soaps; as well as stashing away personal items. Even the color combination of this cabinetry gives this bathroom an inviting feel

stark contrast

Stark contrast

Having stark contrasts like black tiled floor and white tiled walls is one of the numerous ways of creating awesome bathrooms. It gives a bold statement and character to the bathroom. The subtle pattern in the black floor tiles creates visual interest and gives a sophisticated definition to this bathroom. You might have to clean the black floor tiles more often but the beauty it lends to the interior design for bathroom is simply worth it!

the flush

The flush

The flush with a recessed cistern and a piece of artwork hanging above the toilet seat, the toilet area looks simply classical. The subway tiles with black grout integrate the overall color scheme of the bathroom. You can use the built in ledge to display chic objects. A minimalist toilet area is one of the splendid awesome bathroom ideas that you can use while designing your own bathroom.

creating visual space

Creating visual space

It is important to create visual space in your awesome bathrooms by choosing the appropriate sanitary fittings, installations and cabinetry. Floating or hanging features in a bathroom not only help in cleaning up the space more effectively but it also creates a visual expanse of space. The combination of subtle colors on the walls and sanitary fittings work well with the dark floor tiles.

You can get inspiration from our awesome bathroom ideas and create visually appealing and practical awesome bathrooms in your own homes.